Silver Nuggets: Why Mark Stone should play with Kyle Turris

Hi folks! Hope you all enjoyed Alfie day yesterday - I know I did. I was born in 93 (yes, I am young) so I can safely say that Alfredsson's career is one of the first that I've followed practically start to finish. Absolutely touching tribute yesterday and I wouldn't be surprised to see many teams copy that format (player/fan interaction). Can't wait to see what the Senators staff think of for the jersey retirement ceremony!

Just a quick post today where I'm going to briefly look at Kyle Turris' possession numbers with a number of linemates this season. Clarke MacArthur has only played 17 minutes away from Turris 5-on-5, so he's not going to be included here as the two of them are stuck together like glue. The others are a bit interesting though. I also decided to split up Corsi into FOR and AGAINST rather than just looking at the commonly-used percentage form (where 50% is average) so that way I can get at offensive and defensive contributions a little better. Obviously there are a lot of things to consider such as usage, competition, etc. but I think it's still noteworthy to look strictly at possession play for a quick glance of performance for this post.

On the y-axis, we're measuring CF/20, which is a rate of the amount of shot attempts for that you are generating on offense. A high number is good. Looking at the first two groupings (with Turris and Turris apart), we can see how much of a drag Chiasson (blue) is on Turris's offense, and alternatively, how much of a helper Mark Stone is to Turris' line. Bobby Ryan basically generates the same rate of shot attempts for whether he's with Turris (group 1), or without Turris (group 3), and Turris does around the same without him. Purely from an offensive standpoint, Bobby doesn't help or harm Turris by this metric, whereas there's a clear benefit to Turris playing with Stone and a clear cost to Turris playing with Chiasson.

This time, the y-axis measures CA/20, so the amount of shot attempts that the Senators face when these players are on the ice. Here we can see that Bobby Ryan is harming the Turris line defensively. It may not really be Bobby's fault per se, as his rate away from Turris is way lower than it is with Turris, but it's still a marked difference. Chiasson appears less of an influence here, as Turris performs better with Chiasson defensively in comparison to Ryan or when Turris and Chiasson are not playing with each other. However, again we see that Mark Stone is the best option, with Turris and Stone exceeding all of their separate rates when they play together.

In case you were interested, Turris - Ryan, Turris - Chiasson have played around equal minutes together (~120 minutes of even strength play) whereas Turris - Stone are around 85 minutes. Still a small sample, but for a team that needs every boost they can get, I'd play Mark Stone on the top line.

-- all stats were from Hockey Analysis --

Sens Links

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