Off-Season Predictions Revisited

How did the staff do?

Prediction 1: What happens with the goaltending situation between now and the start of the season?

We had some idea of how this one would go pretty quickly - Andrew Hammond was signed the day after that question went up. The rest of it was figured out on draft weekend when Robin Lehner was traded to Buffalo.

Points to Ross, Ary and Michaela for getting this one right.

There was no majority choice among the voters in the poll - though the largest share was correct. 41% of you picked an Andy-Hamburglar combo for this season.

Prediction 2: What does the future hold for the Chrises Neil and Phillips?

Strictly speaking, both are still on the roster (IR wasn't given as an option).

Pretty much everybody nailed this one, including 61% of you. Andrew was the only one to pick retirement for Phillips, which hasn't happened - but he did nail the rehab going poorly.

Prediction 3: Will Erik Condra be re-signed?

We all know how this one went (and Callum won't let anybody forget).

This one was almost an even split, with three of seven staffers getting it right (myself, Ross and Adnan) though I'm pretty sure all three of us wanted to be wrong. Only 36% of you got it right as well.

Prediction 4: Will Daniel Alfredsson join the Senators management this off-season?

This one sure came down to the wire. It looked like it was going to be a "yes" in late August, but ultimately the process dragged out just long enough to have it happen after the start of camp and thus past our cutoff.

All the staff got this one right! Only 35% of the readers got it - but the poll was also skewed by the last option.

Prediction 5: Will Brian Murray have any success with his eternal quest for another top 6 forward?

There wasn't a single NHL-level player acquired by the Senators this off-season... so this one's a "no". Another one that all the staff got right! Maybe we need to make these questions harder in the future?

The poll was largely right as well, with 62% saying no.

Murray is still talking about looking for one, so maybe we'll be able to ask this question again next off-season.

Final Tally

The winner is... Ross, who ran the board!

The runners up with four points were Adnan, Ary, Michaela and myself. Richard came in at three, while Andrew fell far from winning last season's predictions to coming in last for these off-season predictions.

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