Alfie close to joining the Sens front office?

Reports say he will officially join Hockey Ops before camp

It's been the subject of rumour and speculation since the day Daniel Alfredsson retired in Ottawa. It has felt inevitable, but the question was "when". When we asked that question back in May, the Silver Seven staff universally said "not this off-season", though the vote was a bit more split with the readers.

Well, if you were one of the readers who said it would happen this off-season, Ian Mendes is reporting you might just be right. He says a source has told TSN1200 that Alfie and the team are finalizing details on a deal that would be official before training camp. We don't know what role he would be in, other than it would be part of Hockey Operations. For the Senators, that currently includes team management, the scouts, the training staff and the medical staff.

Obviously, once we have more details we'll be sure to share them.

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