Sterling Off-Season Predictions: Erik Condra

The Silver Seven staff take a crack at predicting the outcome of some off-season situations facing the Senators

Will Erik Condra be re-signed? If so, before or after July 1st?

Richard: Please yes. Please.

Ross: No. The organization will probably spend that $1.5 million on someone like Hammond.

Amelia: Yes, I think his stretch run convinced Cameron and Murray of his value. He'll take a hometown discount because he apparently likes Ottawa (so do I, Erik, so do I).

Michaela: I really hope they re-sign Condra. He was very effective this season, even when the rest of the team wasn't. However, I think if they have to sacrifice anyone to free up even a little bit of budget for someone like Hammond, it will be Condra.

Adnan: Erik Condra will not be re-signed, with all the RFA, the team simply won't have the money. Once again hoping to be wrong, this could be a theme here.

Ary: PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. I’m a giant Condra fan and think that he’s the perfect bottom six forward for a contending team. Due to all of the "dead space" on Ottawa’s roster, I think he’s a likely bet to get cut even though he’s better than at least 1/3 of the team, and he ends up in Chicago or something. I can see him staying in Ottawa, but only if significant money is moved out at the draft (PLEASE)

B_T: I want him to be resigned, but in the end I think he tests the open market and ends up elsewhere. Just too many other people to sign right now.

Will Ottawa re-sign Erik Condra?

Yes - before the free agency period115
Yes - after free agency has started54

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