And the award goes to...

The 2014 Silver Seven reader awards

As we wrap up the first week of 2015, it's important to acknowledge the role Silver Seven readers play in making this a great community! Just for fun, we're looking at the activity numbers from you, the readers. Although these are rather superficial stats (they're sort of the plus-minus of community engagement, compared to the Corsi that is rec counts), they're still fun to look at, despite the fact that we couldn't get rec stats. Do you remember where you finished last year or the year before? See if you improved in 2014!

And the awards go to...

Most FanPosts

Richard McCrae, 18

Sensfan90, 14

Sheer Craziness, 9

BigRig_GR, 9

Dylan M., 7

Marvellous, 7

Manny.TtT, 7

15 Feet of Ice, 6

Alex Swift, 6

SensForLife11, 6

Congrats to Richard McCrae and SensFan90, both great site members! Thanks to all who have taken the time to write during the past year! Some truly great writing takes place in the FanPosts and it's a wonderful section for community involvement. I started out writing FanPosts and make a point of reading as many as I can. You should too because if you're not reading FanPosts you're missing a lot of great work and Silver Seven engagement!

Most FanShots

ek65, 2

Manny Elk, 2

gee.mo3, 1

Cam_Newton, 1

The Tif, 1

I've honestly never understood the point of FanShots, but glad some of you do!

Most Comments

The Tif, 3873

Amelia L, 2776

metalfoot, 2391

Sensfan90, 2045

B_T, 1993

Adnan, 1838

Sheer Craziness, 1562

spez_dispenser, 1484

Nightbreak, 1401

Peter Raaymakers, 1276

Congrats to The Tif for talking the most in 2014!

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