Silver Nuggets: Silver Seven Awards 2013

Wondering which community members were the most active on Silver Seven during 2013? Wonder no longer, because here's the leader board!

Another year has passed and it's time for the annual Silver Seven reader awards. There were many highs and lows for Senators fans in 2013, but it was still a fun year for the Silver Seven community. Just for fun, we're looking at the activity numbers from you, the readers. Although these are rather superficial stats (they're sort of the plus-minus of community engagement, compared to the Corsi that is rec counts), they're still fun to look at. Do you remember where you finished last year? See if you improved in 2013!

And the awards go to...

Most FanPosts

1. Sensfan90, 18

2. Trevor Shackles, 15

3. Speedy_McEachern, 12

4. Alex Swift, 9

5. HJJEON, 9

6. Sheer_Craziness, 8

7. metalfoot, 8

8. 80, 7

9. Manny.TtT, 7

10. BigRig_GR, 7

Some truly great writing takes place in the FanPosts and it's a wonderful section for community involvement. I started out writing FanPosts and make a point of reading as many as I can; you should too, because if you're not reading FanPosts you're missing a lot of great work and Silver Seven engagement!

Most FanShots

1. metalfoot, 5

2. Spezzal Teams Playa, 3

3. cups, 2

4. ek65, 2

5. raj.waidyaratne, 1

6. danielao, 1

7. DonnyT, 1

8. spez_dispenser, 1

9. Sensfan90, 1

10. champcos, 1

FanShot numbers are down from last year. It may or may not be connected to attendance numbers. To quote Peter, "I'm not sure how I feel about this one... but then again, when I'm too lazy to write a whole post about something, I'll FanShot it."

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