Silver Seven Awards for 2012

Wondering which community members were the most active on Silver Seven during 2012? Wonder no longer, because here's the leader board!

Although the calendar year of 2012 didn't come with as much NHL action as we all would have liked, it was still a fun one for the Silver Seven community--and we had some record traffic, to boot. Just for fun, we were recently handed some of the activity numbers from you dudes and dudettes. Although these are rather superficial stats (they're sort of the plus-minus of community engagement, compared to the CORSI that is rec counts), they're still fun to look at. Without further ado...

Most FanPosts

  1. DA SENS, 20
  2. Amelia L, 20
  3. puikiou, 17
  4. Too Clutch, 14
  5. Marvellous, 12
  6. spez_dispenser, 8
  7. tugnutt'n'rhodes, 8
  8. B_T, 7
  9. Mikem1992, 7
  10. Speedy_McEachern, 7

Amelia's numbers are all the more impressive considering that's only a half-year, but DA SENS caught up to her in the end. Hopefully with the slightly tweaked SBN United interface and its emphasis on FanPosts, we'll get to see even more fan engagement from everyone else.

Most FanShots

  1. Peter Raaymakers, 11
  2. B_T, 9
  3. The Tif, 6
  4. DarrenM, 5
  5. Spezzal Teams Playa, 5
  6. DonnyT, 4
  7. Sheer_Craziness, 2
  8. PekKarlsson, 2
  9. spez_dispenser, 2
  10. Sensfan90, 2

I'm not sure how I feel about this one... but then again, when I'm too lazy to write a whole post about something, I'll FanShot it.

Most Comments

  1. Mark Parisi, 10,006
  2. Adnan, 4,670
  3. Peter Raaymakers, 3,942
  4. Amelia L, 3,409
  5. Nightbreak, 3,310
  6. Too Clutch, 3,013
  7. The Tif, 3,012
  8. B_T, 2,648
  9. RogerTheShrubber, 1,953
  10. whatsinaname, 1,803

Here I'm just disappointed in myself, really. Less than 4k comments? Shameful. I'm guessing The Tif is also going to be disappointed that he didn't post even just two more comments in the calendar year to bump him up and over Too Clutch.

So let me know: Any notable surprised among the leaders here?

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