Tuesday Trivia #3

Round 3!

Tuesday Trivia #3

Get out your pencils and calculators, the exam's about to start.

We're onto our third of four weekly Sens trivia quizzes. It's the perfect chance to show off your highly-specific knowledge—or to realize there's a lot of things about this team that you've forgotten. To add intrigue, we're giving away a Silver Seven T-shirt to the winner each week. (Whether or not you win, a reminder to support the site and check out our merch store!) Also, congrats to ValleyMilkman and Pinky&TheBrain&Larry for going 6/10 last week! 60% is so far the highest anyone has scored either week; think anyone can do better this time?

As a refresher, here are the instructions:

  1. You don't need to be a paid member, but you must be a registered member of Silver Seven. Make sure to enter your S7 username when it asks you for a name, so that we know how to contact you if you win!
  2. Only one entry per username; we'll take the first one you submit in case of duplicates.
  3. You get 30 seconds and one shot for each question. Once you have your answer, you can press Enter, click on the Next button, or just wait for the time to run out. You'll then see if you got the question right. You can also see all the answers when you're done the quiz.
  4. For players, you can enter their full name (e.g., Brady Tkachuk) or just the last name (e.g., Tkachuk). Capital letters aren't necessary.
  5. For numbers, please enter the answer in the form of digits (e.g., "37", not "thirty-seven").
  6. If there's a tie for the highest score, we'll randomly pick a winner from among them. The winner is welcome to participate again the next week, but each member can only win once over the four weeks.
  7. You have to have completed the quiz by 12 pm (ET) on Wednesday the next day (August 9th for this week) to be eligible for the prize. The quiz will stay open after that, but it'll just be for fun.
  8. Have fun.

You can find the quiz at this link. Enjoy! We'll publish the winner in Thursday's LNN.

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