Silver Nuggets: Star Trek Edition

Exploring the advantages of watching the 2013 Senators season from the holodeck

It's tough times for the Senators. Injuries have already dominated Sens news and with Craig Anderson going down in the third period last night, unfortunately that injury story will continue.

But fear not. Help is on the way.

There are few things in this world I like as much as the Senators; only Bruce Springsteen and Star Trek compare with the Sens for me. And while Bruce sings of redemption, the promised land and good dreams being lies if they don't come true, he's never written a song about the heartache you feel when your number one centre, Norris-winning defenseman, and Vezina-calibre goalie all go down with injuries within a month of each other. That's hardship even Springsteen couldn't deal with.

No. It's Star Trek that can help.

I grew up with TNG and what was once the technology of the future has become the gadgets of today: laptops, tablets and warp drive are common, everyday items now. But there was always one device, introduced in the very first episode of TNG that I wanted: the holodeck.

This device seemed to be the most futuristic of the bunch, but now researchers say it's almost here. What would you do with a holodeck? Try to woo aliens? Run calisthenics programs? Act out Sherlock Holmes stories or Shakespeare's plays?

No. You're a Sens fan. You're hurting. You're going to walk up to holodeck 4 in your Sens jersey. You'll use the voice commands to program Scotiabank Place and an appropriate opponent, say the Penguins. You'll program the 2013 Ottawa Senators and of course you'll override the roster limitations. You'll watch Karlsson score his 30th goal of the season and Andy win the Vezina. You'll watch the season unfold as it should have. You might get the computer to delete certain SBP songs or override the age information on Alfie so he stays 2005-2007 vintage forever.

Just remember one thing: do NOT, under any circumstances, override the holodeck safety protocols. It's there to protect heads, shoulders, backs, knees, ankles, and tendons.

Senators Links:

  • Craig Anderson went down with injury last night (Senators Extra) but thankfully is listed as day-to-day (Senators Extra)
  • Nichols wonders if Andy's strong play is sustainable, you know, when not injured (6th Sens)
  • Varada takes on Milan Michalek (WTYKY)
  • Some love for Paul MacLean (LeBrun)
  • Injuries are revealing Ottawa's depth, remember to throw some love Bryan Murray's way (SenShot)
  • Jakob Silfverberg interview with THN (THN)
  • Sportsnet and TSN are interested in talking about his future, but Alfie? Not so much (Senators Extra)
  • Tomorrow night is Hockey Talks in support of Youth Mental Health and D.I.F.D. (Sens Foundation)/

Karlsson speaks! Check out the video (Senators) Matt Cooke will not be on his Christmas card list (S7S) (TSN) (Sportsnet) (Senators) but he is positive about recovery (Senators Extra) Many are poking a little fun at Karlsson's "not intentional" but "not a mistake" quote; I think Wyshynski is deliberately missing the point (Puck Daddy)
Hockey Links:

  • Rob Zombie is making a movie about the Flyers; perfect match? (National Post)
  • Thankfully Andy's injury wasn't serious, but Zach Redmond's is. The Jet was cut with a skate in practice yesterday and required immediate surgery to repair the damage (SB Nation)
  • Taylor Hall with a questionable hit on Cal Clutterbuck last night (SB Nation) (Backhand Shelf) but some don't mind - I don't agree with this take (Edmonton Journal) Hall is facing a hearing on the incident (TSN) but some think he won't have to worry too much (Backhand Shelf)
  • Artem Anisimov also suffered a scary injury last night (SB Nation)
  • Good on the Islanders, they'll be raising money in support of missing and exploited children (Islanders)
  • The Islanders place Rick DiPietro on waivers (Islanders) (SB Nation)
  • Brian Burke re-hired by the Ducks, this time as a pro-scout (SB Nation)
  • Lindy Ruff was part of a dying breed of NHL bench bosses (SB Nation)/

Justin Bourne talks about the right kind of sandpaper for an NHL team (Backhand Shelf)

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