Erik Karlsson injury: Karlsson says Cooke incident wasn't intentional, but wasn't accidental

In his first press conference after suffering a season-ending Achilles' tendon laceration after he was hit by Matt Cooke, Erik Karlsson suggested that even though Cooke wasn't likely trying to, Cooke "[knew] exactly what he's doing out there."

Ottawa Senators defenceman Erik Karlsson made some waves on Friday morning, suggesting that it wasn't an accident when Matt Cooke sliced his Achilles' tendon. Quotes from the presser was posted to Twitter by many Ottawa beat writers, including's Erin Nicks:

So basically, if I'm understanding him correctly, Karlsson is suggesting that even though Cooke wasn't intending to maliciously use his skate blade to slice Karlsson's Achilles' tendon, he was recklessly trying to knock Karlsson down and/or out. That's a suggestion others have made, as well.

Of course, any time one player is hitting another player in the NHL, he is trying to knock him down and/or out--especially if that player is the reigning Norris Trophy winner. Whether Cooke was trying to injure Karlsson or simply finishing his check will likely never be known to anyone but Cooke, but it's obvious what Karlsson thinks.

It is expected that the Senators will post a video of the conference on their website shortly. Once that's up, I'll embed it below.

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