Silver Nuggets: Looking For a Place to Play

Jason Spezza has taken his trade to Switzerland. Erik Karlsson is on his way to Sweden. Sergei Gonchar, he's already in Russia. But what about the rest of the Senators? Anyone got any room on their beer league team?

Every beer league team has needs, just like any other team. Maybe your team has a great goalie, do you really need Craig Anderson? Maybe your team has a gaping hole on the back end, where you could really use a hulking defenceman! Well, Jared Cowen is going to be playing for peanuts in the AHL, but Marc Methot is available! You can even be the folks who scout him out for us, see if he will fit in on the team!

Sure, this is a little silly, but we want these guys playing, don't we? So here is my question to you today; which available Senator are you going to try to get onto your beer league team? There will never be a better time to try! Think about it, a couple weeks ago, Ryan reached out to Marc Methot on twitter, and Marc showed himself to be a cool dude. Kyle Turris and Erik Condra are both on twitter, as is Craig Anderson! If these guys are in town (which I'm pretty sure at least Turris is...) why not reach out to them and see if they want to come out and play, and maybe go for a brew!!?

Now Silver Seven doesn't endorse you pestering the Sens, but let us know in the comments who you would like to have on your beer league team while the Senators are looking for work!

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