Get to know Marc Methot

Silver Seven recently sat down (digitally, anyway) for a conversation to get to know one of the newest Ottawa Senators, defenceman Marc Methot. Marc was kind enough to answer more than a few questions for us, including reader questions, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with hockey--which is what makes them great.

We'd sincerely like to thank Marc for taking the time to do this, especially because (as you'll see) he's completely awesome. And with that, let's get to the questions.

Silver Seven: If you were to release a rap album, what would your first hit single be about?

Marc Methot: Umm... it'd be about the grind and struggles of a season. "Blueline Hustle."

S7: What was your best Halloween costume from the last three years?

MM: Mine are always awful. I think I was a Banana 3 years ago. Just embarrassing.

(Read on to learn about cookies, man-eating fish, and bad jokes...)

S7: If you could own a pet (but not a dog or a cat), what pet would you own?

MM: I almost bought a school of Piranhas last year actually... may follow through with it this fall.

S7: Pick one (and why): crossbow, musket, or longbow?

MM: Musket I suppose, not sure why. Crossbows are badass too.

S7: Who has a nicer wardrobe: you, or your agent?

MM: My agent definitely has way more suits, but I think I may own more t-shirts.

S7: Do you have "Check the O.R." on your iPod?

MM: You like it so far!? I used to love the Tom Green show when it was filmed in Ottawa.

S7: As a stay at home defensemen, what metrics (if any) do you use to measure your strengths/weaknesses over a season? Do you simply look at game tape or do you examine stats like CORSI to help measure improvements?

MM: Stats don't always tell the whole tale in hockey. It's a reaction sport and a team sport. Having played on a non-playoff team against the other teams' best players wasn't always easy, either. Game tape is the only real way to examine how things are going, in my opinion.

S7: When you got the news you were coming back to Ottawa, what was the first place you told yourself: I can’t wait to go there on a daily/weekly basis? Are you disappointed by the utter lack of IHOP franchises?

MM: I love the restaurants in Ottawa. Tons of places. I was just excited to play here in front of my home city!

S7: Do you know any Swedish? This could be really important.

MM: Nope. I'm a quick learner though.

S7: Chocolate chip or Oreos?

MM: Neither. I hate sweets. Love pizza, and having massive popcorns at the movies.

S7: Are player opinions about large markets like Philly and New York as highly desirable UFA destinations shifting because of how frequently those teams bury players in the AHL, trade them, or buy them out?

MM: No idea to be honest.

S7: Tell us your favourite joke.

MM: A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, "why the long face?" The horse doesn't understand because it is a horse. Get it? I tell awful jokes.

S7: What's the most entertaining nickname given to you by teammates? Surely, it can’t just be Meth. And what do you think of the Silver Seven-given nickname of Heisenberg?

MM: Meth Factor, Crystal... But I absolutely love Heisenberg. I'm a Breaking Bad fan.

S7: Are you going to get the Walter White hat, and will you please wear it during interviews?

MM: Only when we win games, and only if you guys buy me the hat.

S7: Federer or Nadal?

MM: I respect both. But I'm a big Djokovic fan.

S7: What's your favourite Canadian band? If you say Nickelback, defend your argument.

MM: People just hate on Nickelback because it's the trendy joke thing to do. The band has sold how many records? But I like the Tragically Hip and Rush. I'm a metal/hard rock guy. Love Pantera, All that Remains, Metallica, Volbeat, Stone Temple Pilots, etc.

S7: Which would you rather: win the Stanley Cup, or visit Mars?

MM: Stanley Cup. People can't buy Stanley Cups. But that's a tough question because I'm very much intrigued by anything space-related (sci-fi geek).

S7: What did you think when you first met Boomer, the failed Columbus mascot?

MM: Haha! We all loved him when I was playing there. It's a shame they put the kibosh on Boomer, but understandable.

S7: What superpower would you wish for, and why?

MM: Flying. No need for an explanation.

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