Silver Nuggets: Community Roll Call!

Will keep it short and sweet today, but let us know (if you are comfortable) who YOU are! We'd love to get to know you!

Yesterday I thought it'd be fun to introduce you to our staff. With 11 people contributing to the main page content of this blog, it could get confusing. I did not think it would turn into a GDT like thread with over 500 comments, but that is what makes you guys and gals so awesome.

One of the comments talked about doing something similar for the community members. So today we invite you to share. Use this template, or any you feel works for you!


Location: We'd love to know where you are, especially if you are outside Ottawa like many of us!

Favourite SSS Feature: Ups and Downs, Classic Stats, GDT, Recaps, By the Numbers, Top 25 Under 25 etc!

Approximately when you started following the blog: Were you a lurker before you joined?

Fun Fact: The zanier, the better

And of course anything else you'd like to share.

I look forward to "meeting" you!

Sens Links

  • Speaking of Ups and Downs (which is my favourite feature) I somehow missed it when linking yesterday. If you missed it, here it is! [SSS]
  • This is the first time I've ever done this, but here is yesterday's Nuggets if you missed our introductions. The comments are a goldmine if you are looking to kill time at work/home/school today. [Nugs]
  • Blobby with his prospect roundup heading into the AHL playoffs! Always an awesome read. [SSS]
  • Darren brings it with a great piece on the season Mika Zibanejad is having. Seriously, for such a high pick, many were willing to part with him in the summer, and he's come in and done an amazing job. [SSS]
  • Ian Mendes with some fun facts about ex-Senators goalies who have faced Ottawa after leaving as the Senators get set to face big Ben Bishop. [SN]
  • Small news here, not sure why I have two links for it. Some guy with a minor injury skated in a sweatshirt? This ring a bell? I missed it yesterday so it can't have been important. ERIK KARLSSON SKATED YOU GUYS. I dreamt of him coming back last night. COULD YOU IMAGINE!? [6thSens] [SE]
  • Varada writes essentially the rant-y piece that I was going to write today before we decided on roll call. Seriously read this. [WTYKY]
  • Save the biggest news for last: pop star Rihanna was seen out at a club in Hollywood WEARING A SENATORS HERITAGE JERSEY AND NO PANTS. I have no explanation for this but it is awesome. Also seeing the players on Twitter (Marc Methot, Guillaume Latendresse, Matt Kassian etc) fight over who's name was on the back was hilarious as well. [SE]

Go Sens! (please)

Ps- if you are in Kingston and want to join a couple community members, we'll be watching tonight's game at the Mansion on Princess. I'll be there with my heritage Daniel Alfredsson jersey!

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