Silver Nuggets: Roll Call!

With the recent additions of Radek Bonk's Mullet and Josh to our team, and with new users appearing in the comments every day, I thought I would take some time to introduce you all to our team.

Maybe you are a casual reader. Maybe you've been following since day one. Maybe you are brand new. Maybe you know all the little jokes in the comment sections, maybe you get confused when every post seems to be written by a different writer.

Regardless, welcome! Welcome to a site that is written by people like you. No special access, just a love for the Ottawa Senators and all things Daniel Alfredsson.

Recently, we've added some new (digital) faces to our crew, bringing the total number of writers here at Silver Seven to 11!

A brief history lesson is in order, and I figured I would do the honour of introducing my esteemed colleagues to you.

Peter and Darren started this humble little blog in February of 2009. For those of us that had been following Peter's work on Sens Army, it was natural for us to follow him here. In the beginning it was just the two of them, but soon, active community member Mark Parisi was added as an author, and GDT star and funny man Ryan Classic soon followed. Fast forward a couple of years and we have added some specialists and some correspondents and the staff just grows and grows!

Without further ado, the Silver Seven Staff!

Peter Raaymakers (Manager):

  • Location: Ottawa
  • Nicknames: Dear Peter, Toomanyvowels
  • Specialty: Everything, a true 5-tooler.
  • Fun Fact: He's never been more drunk than the night in 2007 when the Sens beat the Sabres
  • Peter is the glue that keeps this ship together. You wouldn't believe the work this guy does on this site.

Darren M (editor):

  • Location: Vancouver BC
  • Specialty: Senior NHL Debut Correspondent (been busy this year)
  • Fun Fact: Won an original Game Boy in the early 90's through a Popsicle Pete mail-in contest
  • Darren may be the wisest of all of us, and as such, doesn't succumb to homerism as easily.

Mark Parisi (editor):

  • Location: Atlanta Georgia
  • Specialty: Master of Pump, Giver of Uppercuts
  • If you say his name three times into a mirror in a dark room, something you own will disappear one day, but you won't know where or when it will happen. The effect is not cumulative.
  • Mark's dedication to this community is amazing. Seriously, find an article he HASN'T commented on, and I'll uppercut you.

Ryan Classic (editor):

  • Location: Burnaby BC
  • Specialty: Photoshopping Master and creator of Classic Stats
  • Fun Fact: He owns a Mike "Not Martin" Brodeur SNES jersey.
  • Ryan is funnier than me, and when he cranks out a Classic Stats piece, the amount of work he has put in is always so impressive.

Adnan (Editor):

  • Location: Brampton (but he'd tell you Toronto)
  • Specialty: Game Day Preview Master
  • Fun Fact: He is a lover of chocolate chip cookies, Star Trek and Alexander Ovechkin
  • Adnan sticks to his guns, he loves his skill players and isn't afraid to back it up.

Amelia L (Editor):

  • Location: London Ontario (for now!)
  • Specialty: The Queen of Long-Form
  • Fun Fact: One summer she worked in a baseball bat and hockey stick factory WHICH IS SO COOL.
  • Amelia's pieces are always incredibly well thought out and beautifully crafted. They may take an extra minute to read but are ALWAYS worth it.

Bobby Kelly (Author):

  • Location: Montreal (for now!)
  • Nickname: Booby (sorry bud...)
  • Specialty: Prospects Correspondent and Binghamton Writer
  • Fun Fact: He's an American citizen, but doesn't live there. Although, the board of elections did send him his ballot for the November 2012 election. Last week.
  • Bobby has done a superb job, and has lifted our spirits in the age of Senate Reform.

Josh (Author):

  • Location: Elmira NY
  • Specialty: Elmira Jackals Writer
  • Fun Fact (and this might be the best one): He was in attendance for the Flyers-Senators game on March 4, 2004 which had the most combined penalty minutes between two teams (419) in NHL regular season history!
  • New to the staff, Josh gives us amazing insight into a team that often is overlooked in Senators coverage.

Radek Bonk's Mullet (Eric) (Author):

  • Location: Philadelphia
  • Specialty: Hilarity. Seriously, do you follow this guy on Twitter?!
  • Fun Fact: Survived one Sens-Flyers game, and one dollar-dog night.
  • I've been following the Mullet on Twitter for some time, and if 140 characters (and his debut yesterday) are any indication, we have lots to look forward to from our newest member.
DaveYoung (Author):
  • Location: Kingston (for now!)
  • Specialty: Nuggets Writer
  • Fun Fact: Was there the night Jeff Friesen scored to break our hearts. Never forgave Wade Redden.

There you have it! This is the team that works together to produce this blog, and we hope you enjoy it! If you are comfortable doing so, let us know a little something about you in the comments!

Sens Links

  • Ian Mendes asks, "where are the pesky Sens?". Its a damn good question. [SN]
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  • RBM's masterful debut! [SSS]
  • Quotes and numbers from last night's game. [SE]
  • A Tampa Bay Lightning blogger chimes in on Cory Conacher. A good read here. [6thSens]
  • Scoring chances totals from games 25-36, and a really cool piece. Shows Ottawa's struggles in the 3rd period and the emergence of Jakob Silfverberg, among other things. [6thSens]

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