Silver Nuggets: Bingo Blueline with Jared

Much has been made in the last week about "in the event of a lockout" stories. While I hate the phrase myself, we are now three days away from the NHL's deadline for a new deal, and no closer to a CBA. So now, it is my turn for one of these stories.

Yesterday Peter showed me how Nuggets ought to be done wrote a great article on the potential scorers for the B-Sens in the event of a lockout and today I'll continue that piece by looking at who may be patrolling the blueline most frequently as the team's top defensive pairing.

As has been a story in the organization in the last week, Jared Cowen will play in the AHL ITEOAL (in the event of a lockout), and he will instantly become the team's best defenseman. Coming out of junior to help with the Calder run, he was already one of their top guys, and now after some serious growth in his first NHL season, hard to think Jared won't be a big force in the AHL. The question is, who will line up beside him?

Mark Borowiecki: BoroCop seems to be on everyone's radar to make the big club as the 7th d-man if there IS NOT a lockout because of how high the organization is on him. Together with Cowen, they could make a formidable shut down pairing, though the offense may be limited.

Patrick Wiercioch: Together they would be two towers, one with offensive instincts, the other with defensive instincts. Everyone and there dog in Ottawa has waited for the emergence of Wiercioch as a legit prospect, this could be the year.

Andre Benoit: Small, left handed, offensive minded, powerplay specialist, veteran d-man? Sound familiar? Sounds exactly like who Jared was playing with in Ottawa. Sergei Gonchar.


Sens News:

Who is going to be with Jared Cowen as top d-pair in Bingo?

Some other pairing, explain in comments18

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