Silver Nuggets: Alfie Announcement Coming

Now that the playoffs are over and we look ahead to the offseason, the Senators find themselves in a familiar position: waiting to learn what Daniel Alfredsson's decision is concerning his future. Looks like they won't have to wait too much longer.

Well. So there.

The "big question" this offseason for the Senators appears it will be answered in short order. Will he? Or won't he? Instead of speculating, which is pointless because we'll find out soon enough, I want to look at what either answer will mean to the team, to the fans and to Alfie.

Option 1: He Returns- Well this is what we'd all like to see, right? I doubt there is a single reader on this site who is hoping Alfie retires. He proved this year, especially in the playoffs that he can still play, and more importantly he can still contribute to the success of the team in a more than just a token way. He lead the team in points in the playoffs, and scored big goals. So now that all that is a given, what would him coming back mean to the team? For me, it comes down to this simple fact: if Alfie returns, any forward brought in (by trade or free agency) by Bryan Murray in the next couple weeks will not be replacing Alfie's production. It will simply be a move to ADD to the current roster, to improve instead of trying to maintain some kind of status quo. That is huge because the roster we have now needs improving if we hope to win. What will it mean to the city? Well every year we get to watch 11 skate around the ice is a good one.

Option 2: He Retires- Hate me all you want for putting this into words, but it is a real possibility. Fact is: if he wants to retire, power to him. He has earned some rest 100 times over. He has given all he has to this team and this city for a long time, and earned the right to spend time away from the game and with his family. What will it mean to the team? Well, as hinted at above, the team will need to look to add a player to replace some of what Alfie brings to the table. Trouble is, Murray has already admitted that Alfredsson is better than pretty much anyone they could add in free agency. What will it mean to the city? Well no doubt we'd be sad to see him grow. He is the Ottawa Senators. He embodies all the qualities that we admire. But he won't be gone. He has said he plans to live in Ottawa, and you know that the organization will find him some work. We won't get to see him on the ice, but we'll never forget him, and on opening night, you'll see 11 lifted to the rafters.

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