Your Say: Craig Anderson

We've given out our grades. Now it's your turn!

We've finished our player grades for the 2014-15 season, but that was just 9 people talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. Now it's time for our readers to cast their votes. And with that in mind, we present our Your Say series!

Craig Anderson recap:

After a disappointing 2013-14, Anderson rebounded nicely in 2014-15. Like Lehner, Andy started strong and hid many of the team's defensive woes, though the team's generally poor play under Paul MacLean hurt Anderson's record. His great season was derailed in late January when he suffered a deep bone bruise on his stick hand. Out until mid-March, Anderson closed out the season with a 1-2-1 record and an .891 SV%. He temporarily lost his starting job to Andrew Hammond, but returned to action in the playoffs, starting Game 3. He was terrific during his four playoff starts, letting in just four goals in his four games and recording a .971 SV%.

Highest grade: A

Lowest grade: B+

What grade would you give Craig Anderson this season?


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