Silver Nuggets: Are the Senators effective spenders?

Our friend Muneeb A, who writes over at Caps blog Japers' Rink, penned a fantastic piece last week that looked at Washington's spending in the salary cap era. The goal was to look at the much-talked about correlation between spending money and winning, and although we're certain that exists at a league level, Muneeb decided to look at it by team, which led to some really interesting results.

Here's what he had to say about Washington (graph below):

caps spending

The gray circles and line are league data over this time period. The Caps' line is steeper than the league line, meaning they've spent on players a little more efficiently than the league so far. (It would look even better if we looked solely at post-2004 data—the gray line would be less steep and the red line would be steeper, given the ineffective spending of 2001-02 and especially 2003-04.)

From this perspective, 2014-15 wasn't especially impressive by itself—it was a return to roughly league-average (and team-average) return-on-spending after a poor 2013-14.

Now, let's take a look at Ottawa's graph:

The first thing you notice is, well, the Sens slope is flat. Basically, spending doesn't really impact how many wins the Senators get in a season. Take a look at the 09-10 Senators (red bubble labelled 09) - the team won 44 of their 82 games (y-axis) and spent a standard deviation more than league average (x-axis). In contrast, the 2011-12 Senators (red bubble labelled 11) spent a standard deviation less than league average but won 41 games - a difference of three wins. Both teams finished 2nd in the Northeast division and lost in the first round.

Why is this interesting? It's a potential reason for management's cheap spending philosophy: the Senators haven't followed the league trend of more spending = more wins. For five seasons (2005-2009), the Senators spent more than league average, and for the first three, they did quite well. Recency bias is A Thing though, and I'm sure the Senators didn't quite like spending so much in 2008-09 only to miss the playoffs, or 2009-10 and get eliminated in the first round.

Could it be luck, though? It could very well be. Take a look at the 2014-15 bubble (labelled 14) and note that it's one of the few that's high up (signifying more wins) in that salary range, meaning that a performance like that doesn't happen often. Given the fact that the team is likely going to be around the middle of the pack this year in terms of spending - similar to where the 00, 03 Senators were - you can see that those teams can reach 45-50 wins at a fairly decent clip.

If you're interested in this kind of work, please read Muneeb's entire piece! The image that contains these figures for all of the teams can be found here, and it's really interesting to note how the perennial contenders (Hawks, Kings, Sharks, Rangers, etc.) fare compared to their counterparts.


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