Silver Seven 25th Anniversary Logo Contest Finalists

Users sent in their submissions, the writers picked the top seven, and now you all get to vote on who takes home the big prize.

Update: We've opened up voting on Facebook too!

First off, a great big thank you to everyone who entered the Silver Seven Logo Contest to give the Ottawa Senators a better logo for their 25th anniversary than they could come up with. There were several submissions, and the staff had a very hard time narrowing it down to just five finalists. Such a hard time, that we ended up with seven. But enough beating around the bush; here are your finalists:


Option 1:


by Kevin Lee (@BringBackLee) of Bonk's Mullet

Option 2:


by Moe Omer (@Momo_Omer)

Option 3:


by Oliver R.

Option 4:


by Gully

Option 5:


by Eric Lapointe (@AccurateEric)

Option 6:


by Gatineau Greg

Option 7:


by Jay Earle (@Mr_Jay_Earle)

So as I'm sure you can see, there were a lot of quality submissions. There were several great designs that just barely didn't make the cut. Please look at them carefully, and pick your favourite in the poll below. Voting closes at midnight on Tuesday, July 28. Make sure to share this with all your friends and relatives, and make sure to argue for your favourite in the comments, all so that your favourite wins!

And now, just for some fun, here are a few of the... less serious designs submitted.



by Ross A


by spez_dispenser


by Ross A


by Gatineau Greg


by Mike Wheeler (@TheMikeWheeler) of Bonk's Mullet

What is the winning design?

Option 1 (Kevin Lee)18
Option 2 (Moe Omer)95
Option 3 (Oliver R)219
Option 4 (Gully)350
Option 5 (Eric Lapointe)413
Option 6 (Gatineau Greg)47
Option 7 (Jay Earle)902

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