Cost Per Pointcast, Ep 95: Wishes for 2022 ft. Alex Metzger

Host of the Last Word on Sens Podcast, Alex Metzger, joins the show to discuss our wishes for 2022 and much more!

The last week and a half has been quite strange with a longer break from Ottawa Senators hockey than usual and the rest of the league shut down. But before all of that, Ottawa was actually playing some good hockey. They lost their last two games (one in overtime), but they are still 5-2-1 in their last 8 games. In the November episode of the Cost Per Pointcast (Ep. 94 with Brennan Detzler), we were pretty down on their season to that point, but there have been a lot of positives since then.

In order to discuss those positive developments as well as many other things, Alex Metzger (host of the Last Word on Sens podcast) joined the show for the first time!

Topics include:

  • World Juniors and the five Senators prospects that are participating in it
  • The top line carrying the team
  • Which depth players are worth keeping around (hint: not many)
  • No NHL Olympic participation
  • Our 6 wishes for 2022
  • and more!/

Take a listen below!

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