Cost Per Pointcast, Ep. 94: Free-Falling ft. Brennan Detzler

Host of the Future Sickos podcast, Brennan Detzler, joins the show to discuss how the season has gone so far. Spoiler: not great

It’s funny. The last episode I recorded of the Cost Per Pointcast was just before the season began in early October, and although there weren’t playoff expectations, there was still excitement about the season being finally here. And since then, the Ottawa Senators have 4 wins in 19 games and are in a free-fall.

So in Episode 94 of the show, I talk with the host of the Future Sickos podcast, Brennan Detzler, to go over how we got here. The episode was actually perfect timing with some big news the day before, so there was plenty to talk about.

Topics include:

  • Matt Murray being placed on waivers and later clearing
  • Job security for DJ Smith and Pierre Dorion
  • What to do with the defense corps
  • Tim Stützle at centre
  • Reasons to keep watching
  • And more!/

Take a listen here:

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