Both LeBreton Bids Having Arenas Almost Guaran... Woah, Not So Fast

The Euge pumps the breaks on that idea

Eugene Melnyk spent a few minutes talking to Ian Mendes today, covering a number of topics. The real interesting part is towards the end (around the 7 minute mark) when he had some things to say about the competing LeBreton Flats bid reportedly containing a NHL cailbre arena.

The short version: There is no chance the Sens would move to an arena they don't have control of.

Of course, he delivered this in the typical bombastic Melnyk fashion which always makes for an entertaining listen.

This definitely confirms that there haven't been any behind the scenes discussions about this possibility. Just note the use of the word "control", rather than "own". It's likely just a random choice of words, but there's a small chance that the door could still be left open just a crack.

The rest of the interview is worth a listen too, covering things like his current heath and the importance of events like today's Melnyk Skate for Kids.

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