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Game 13 Preview: Sens @ Sabres

Ottawa play an afternoon rematch with Buffalo

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at Ottawa Senators
Marc DesRosiers-USA TODAY Sports

Some of you may have forgotten that the Ottawa Senators were playing the Buffalo Sabres at 2 p.m this afternoon instead of the usual Saturday evening start. Certainly not this author, who is definitely not scrambling to write a preview in fifteen minutes instead of leisurely perusing the teams’ sites and social media for what he thought was an article that would go up around 4 p.m. That is definitely not what is happening here!

The Sens broke a losing streak on Thursday against these same Sabres despite allowing nearly a million shots in the third period. Craig Anderson was good, the rest of the team was pretty okay at best. The Sabres have Jack Eichel and Jeff Skinner who looked terrifying and Rasmus Dahlin who skated very smoothly but wasn’t otherwise a factor.

I don’t have time to give any more coherent commentary!

The Sens are projected to play with 11 forwards and 7 defensemen because Guy Boucher views this as a key tactical advantage that can be leveraged to win hockey games. That means Erik Burgdoerfer will draw in but Jack Rodewald will not play.

I have no idea if this is a good idea or not because I literally read it twenty seconds ago!

Here are some stats about the two teams:

Team Stats

Category Ottawa Senators Tampa Bay Lightning
Category Ottawa Senators Tampa Bay Lightning
-- Value Rank Value Rank
Goals/GP 3.23 11th 3.46 6th
Goals Against/GP 4.23 31st 2.69 6th
Shots/GP 28.2 27th 33.8 4th
Shots Against/GP 38.7 31st 31.9 16th
Powerplay % 24.4 11th 26.1 6th
Penalty Kill % 38.9 29th 93.9 1st
Corsi (5v5, Score & Venue Adjusted) 42.46 30th 52.86 7th
Fenwick (5v5, SVA) 42.79 29th 52.11 7th

Player Stats

Ottawa Senators New Jersey Devils
Ottawa Senators New Jersey Devils
-- Player # Player #
Goals Ryan Dzingel 5 Kyle Palmieri 9
Assists Thomas Chabot 14 Taylor Hall 12
Points Thomas Chabot 17 Kyle Palmieri 15
Shots Lajoie, Maxime 35 Taylor Hall 40
TOI/GP Thomas Chabot 22:34 Sami Vatanen 23:06

This preview is over!