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The Ottawa Senators are Quietly Rebranding

Operation ‘Go with the O’ is slowly becoming a reality

Boston Bruins v Ottawa Senators Photo by Jana Chytilova/Freestyle Photography/Getty Images

It’s finally happening.

Although nothing official has been announced, recent activity seems to suggest that the Ottawa Senators, after ten years of sticking with the 3D Senturion, are slowly making the full-time shift to the Heritage O.

The logo, first introduced as a shoulder patch in 2007, has served as Ottawa’s third jersey since 2011. It pays tribute to the original Senators teams of the early 20th century, and has near-consensus been decided by fans that it trumps the current 3D logo.

With Adidas recently taking over as the manufacturer of NHL jerseys, a small bump in the road has arisen in that third jerseys will not be available for 2017-18. The design for Ottawa’s jersey will still have the 3D logo, although that could change as early as next season. The recently hired president and CEO Tom Anselmi hinted at a full-time change in the past, and with some recent activity, the possibility of this happening is getting larger and larger.

Figure 1: Official Website

Serving as the primary team resource for pretty much everything, there’s not one 3D Senturion logo to be found. The Heritage O has taken over the spots for the main team logo, as well as for upcoming games.

Figure 2: Belleville Senators


With the Senators’ primary farm team switching cities, a new logo was in store. Instead of having another 3D Senturion-inspired character/icon as it was in Binghamton, Belleville will be treated to a variation of the Heritage O.

Figure 3: Miscellaneous

The Heritage O has seeped its way into a few more places as well, including the seating charts (which could technically be counted as the website) as well as inside their promo emails. This is a far cry from its prominence from only a year ago.

Now that you’ve seen the evidence, what do you think? Are you a fan of the rebrand, or is this yet another flop from the Sens’ marketing team? A similar question was asked in a Weekly Question from 2015, with the results overwhelmingly in favour of going with the ‘O’. But now that we’re seeing it in action, what’s your impression? Be sure to vote in the poll below and leave a comment with your opinion.


Are you in favour of a full Heritage O rebrand?

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