Weekly Question: What Should Ottawa's Jerseys Be?

Senators fans have long debated what kind of jersey is best suited for Ottawa's home and away set. Nothing will change this year, but I ask you: what should their next jerseys be? There are some solid options.

Ever since the Ottawa Senators have entered the league, they have never really had unanimously nice-looking home and away jerseys. Their current Heritage "O" third jersey is very slick and everybody seems to love it, but right now they still have the same main jerseys as they have since the 2007-08 season.

Nothing will change this season, and it may not even in the next couple years, but I think a lot of fans want a change. There is no precedent for this weeks question, but I was very curious to see what the popular opinion was on this. I researched online various jersey concepts, and I'll outline them below:

1. Current Ones

There will be some people who still like the current design. I honestly think that the negative feedback in the media is a bit overblown, even if they aren't my favourite.

2. Heritage O's

I know, another Chris Neil template. It's the only one I could find, I swear! These are my personal favourites, and I'm shocked the team hasn't made them their full-time jerseys.

3. Modified Senturion

If you look at the site Icethetics.co, you'll recognize the name Bastian Schmulling. He makes tons of concepts, and this was his idea for the Senators home and aways.

4. Mix of Everything

This has everything, as it combines a bit of the old Senators third jersey from the mid-2000's, as well as the Heritage Classic jersey, and a new Senturion that people seem to like.

5. Old Jersey/New Logo

Design by David Campbell (@twindave)

This is essentially the same jersey as Ottawa's old ones from their early days, but once again it features the new logo that has never actually been affiliated with the Senators just yet. This was made in 2012 before the Black O jerseys came out.

6. Re-Developed Classic

This one from Thierry Dick is similar to the old classic Senators jerseys, but with a slight change. He also includes a third jersey that is almost the same as the concept from Bastian Schmulling.

There was one more jersey that I wanted to find, but I couldn't remember if it was simply a logo or the entire jersey. It was fairly recent and it was a re-branded "O" with a parliament building on it, and it looked extremely sharp. If anyone is able to find that I would greatly appreciate it.

But anyways, I listed 6 options that are very legitimate. Like I said before, #2 with the Heritage O's are definitely my favourite and I'm not a huge fan of the modified Senturion, but it seems to be a hit amongst most fans. I'm not going to convince you why you should vote for one or another though, I want to see where peoples opinions are.

If you have any other concepts you would like to share (from you or anybody else), share it in the comments!

What Should Ottawa's Jerseys Be?

#1 Current Ones19
#2 Heritage O's166
#3 Modified Senturion24
#4 Mix of Everything16
#5 Old Jersey/New Logo15
#6 Re-Developed Classic33

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