Zaitsev on the Block, Pavelski Signs and a Year in Review

In this Monday’s edition of Links, News & Notes, we cover a Nikita Zaitsev trade rumour, Joe Pavelski’s extension, looking back on 2023 and a few other interesting tidbits from around the league.

Welcome to the first Links, News & Notes of 2023. It’s... well, it’s the same. But it’s 2023 so that’s fun! Here’s some interesting tidbits from around the league.

  • Kevin Weekes dropped a small nugget on Twitter yesterday, indicating that Nikita Zaitsev was not only on the block but that the Senators would be willing to add a pick or prospect to offload the veteran defender’s contract. This is essentially what fans have been assuming and/or hoping would happen here, so it’s good to see Weekes confirming that. The question, though, is why now? Intriguing.
  • My personal favourite in the Sens media community Ian Mendes penned an end of year piece on the Ottawa Senators for The Athletic a few days ago (paywall). He covers topics like Ryan Reynolds, the new acquisitions, and what may or may not happen next.
  • The Dallas Stars extended Joe Pavelski for another season at the AAV of $3.5M. Pavelski, 38 years old, may be unknowingly giving Sens fans an idea of what may happen at the end of Claude Giroux’s current deal, as he’ll be 37 when it expires and, we hope, still producing ust like Pavelski.
  • I really enjoyed Ken Wiebe’s post this week highlighting Roman Josi, talking about his rise to stardom and time as Nashville’s captain.
  • Speaking of Wiebe, he also put together a well written piece on the Winnipeg Jets and their future this week; calling 2023 a defining year.
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