Your say: Sergei Gonchar

The Silver Seven staff have given out their grades. Now it's your turn!

We finished our player grades for the 2013 season on Friday, but that was just nine jerks talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. So, we figured why not give our readers a chance to cast their votes? And with that in mind, we present our Your say series!

Sergei Gonchar Recap


The disparity between Sergei Gonchar's highest and lowest grade highlights the up and down season that he went through. For a brief period in March, Gonchar was an A+ player while posting a ridiculous 15 points in only 10 games. That stretch, which broke a Filip Kuba defensive record for most consecutive games with an assist, also propelled Gonchar to second in team scoring.

Excluding those 10 games, Gonchar only had 12 points in 35 games, which puts him only a little bit ahead of Andre Benoit. He's a player who was buoyed by one hot streak and somehow scored $5-million per season for two more years from Dallas. But you can't exclude that hot streak, and so Gonchar falls in the middle Neither a great season nor an awful one.

Highest grade: A-
Lowest grade: C

What did you think about Sergei Gonchar's season?

How would you grade Sergei Gonchar this year?


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