Your Say: Jared Cowen

We've given out our grades. Now it's your turn!

We've finished our player grades for the 2014 season, but that was just 11 people talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. Now it's time for our readers to cast their votes. And with that in mind, we present our Your Say series!

Jared Cowen recap:

Jared Cowen's 2013 season ended with a speedy recovery from an injury that was supposed to end his season. With the departure of veteran defenseman Sergei Gonchar and the decline of long time Senator Chris Phillips, management gambled that Cowen could step in and be a top-4 defender. Things went off the rails from the start. Offered an eight-year, $28 million deal in the summer by the Senators, Cowen waited, missing most of training camp, before signing a four-year, $12.4 million deal.

Cowen struggled with the addition minutes, responsibility, and expectations. Simply put, he was not a top-4 defenseman in 2013-14 and many routinely called for him to be benched. He was moved to Karlsson's side, perhaps in an attempt to provide Cowen cover, but dragged on Karlsson instead. He missed the final two weeks of the season with a hip injury, giving other defensemen an opportunity to shine. At 23, Cowen is young enough to still improve at the NHL level. However, his 2013-2014 season was a disaster.

Highest grade: D+

Lowest grade: F

What grade would you give Jared Cowen this season?


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