Your Say: Bobby Ryan

We've given out our grades. Now it's your turn!

We've finished our player grades for the 2014-15 season, but that was just 9 people talking about what they think--and it was a lot of information to talk about. Now it's time for our readers to cast their votes. And with that in mind, we present our Your Say series!

Bobby Ryan recap:

It took a little while for Ryan to find stable linemates, but once he and Zibanejad were paired with Hoffman, they arguably became Ottawa's top line. There were 43 games before the All-Star break, and Ryan put up 33 points in that span. In the 19 games immediately before the All-Star break, he put up 19 points, earning him Ottawa's lone berth (unless you count Hoffman as a rookie) in the all-star game. In the first 16 games after the break, he put up 16 points. From there though, the offence mostly dried up. He put up only five points in his remaining 19 games, and followed that up with 2 goals in the playoffs, both coming in the same game. He claimed he wasn't hurt down the stretch, but it's very possible his conditioning just wasn't top-notch since he'd had season-ending surgery last year. Ryan made great strides as a leader, wearing the second A when both Neil and Phillips were out. Still, with a 7-year, $7.25-million per year extension kicking in this fall, the Sens will want more of the first-half Ryan.

Highest grade: B+

Lowest grade: C+

Average grade: B

What grade would you give Bobby Ryan?


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