Which Is More Likely: Ryan vs. Karlsson

The last of the WIML series, comparing the goal-scoring prowesses of Ryan and Karlsson.

Which is more likely...

Bobby Ryan scores 30 goals OR Erik Karlsson scores 20 goals?

Bobby Ryan's 2013-14 season, his first in an Ottawa Senators jersey, was a disappointment. He managed to put up 23 goals and 25 assists in 70 games before deciding to undergo surgery on a sports hernia injury that had been bothering him for most of the season. However, from 2008 to 2012, he had four consecutive 30-goal seasons for the Anaheim Ducks, including a 71-point campaign in 2010-2011. Even in 2013-14, over 82 games, his pro-rated goal output would have been 27. It's not a stretch to believe that if he had not been hampered by his injury, he could have reached 30 goals again.

Erik Karlsson has established himself as one of the best defensemen in the league, and easily the best defenseman in terms of point production. He won the Norris trophy in 2011-2012 on the strength of 78 points in 81 games, surpassing Norm Maciver for the most points in a season by a Sens defenseman. He followed that up with 14 points in 17 games in the lockout-shortened 2012-2013 season, missing most of the season to a sliced Achilles tendon. However, he put any fear of lingering injury to rest in 2013-14, playing all 82 games and putting up 74 points, including 20 goals. His 20 goals scored in a season is also a Senators record for a defenseman.

So, which is more likely? As always, make sure to argue your opinion in the comments!

Which is more likely?

Ryan scores 30 goals190
Karlsson scores 20 goals172

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