Which Is More Likely: Anderson vs. Lehner

The first of a week-long Which Is More Likely segment, looking at the two Senators goaltenders.

The Which Is More Likely series first came to fruition in the summer of 2012, under the watchful eye of the legendary Dave Young, as the NHL appeared to be headed to a disappointing lockout. This week, Silver Seven Sens brings back the WIML series, giving the readers a chance to pick between two scenarios that could play out in the 2014-15 season. Which is more likely? You decide!

Which is more likely...

Craig Anderson wins 27 games OR Robin Lehner starts 40 games?

It's fair to say that the Ottawa Senators' goaltending in 2013-14 was a disappointment. In the lockout-shortened 2013 season, Craig Anderson posted the best-ever NHL save percentage of .941 over 24 games, while Robin Lehner posted .936 in 12 games, and Ben Bishop posted .917 in 9 games. The Senators allowed only two goals more than the Jennings-winning Chicago Blackhawks over the course of the season.

One year later, an entirely different story played out. The Senators finished 27th in the NHL, allowing 265 goals during the season, only five fewer than the league-worst Edmonton Oilers. Anderson posted his worst save percentage since 2010-11, a .911, to go along with a goals-against average of 3.00. Lehner recorded a .913 save percentage a 3.06 GAA. Both finished with losing records. Though some of the blame can be put on the poor defense, it's clear that the Sens' goaltenders came crashing back to the mean after the lofty heights of 2013.

Anderson played in 53 games last season, winning 25 times. Lehner played in 36 games, of which 32 were starts, winning a total of 12 times. It is of note that 2013-14 was the first season during which Lehner spent the whole season in the NHL. Some have claimed that the time to anoint Lehner as starter is now, so Anderson should be traded. Others claim that Lehner is not yet ready, and that another year with a veteran starter is the way to go, even if he walks as a UFA at the end of the season.

Vote in the poll below, and make sure to let everyone know your reasoning in the comments!

Which is more likely?

Anderson wins 27 games207
Lehner starts 40 games193

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