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Weekly Question

Weekly Question

Have you recovered from last year’s draft day debacle?

Weekly Question: How Can The Senators Be More Fun And Engaging Off The Ice?

What kind of events and nights would you like to see more of?

Weekly Question: Where Do You See This Team in 5 Years?

Are We Almost Back to Our Glory Years?

Weekly Question: Who is Your Favourite Senator off the Ice?

The off-ice vibes are off the charts, but who is your favourite player in that regard?

Weekly Question: What is Your Favourite Season from the Melnyk Era?

Eugene Melnyk owned the Ottawa Senators for almost two decades. Which season was your favourite during that era?

Weekly Question: Would Claude Giroux Really Come to Ottawa?

Should we stop fantasizing about it?

Weekly Question: Worst Season of the Rebuild?

Things can’t possibly get wo—

Weekly Question: are Sanderson and Greig Enough?

Pierre Dorion says Ottawa needs a top-6 forward and a top-4 D. Are Sanderson and Greig enough to make this a playoff team?

How Will the Sens Close Out the Season?

They quality of competition will begin to decrease from this point on, but can they take advantage?

Weekly Question: What is Nick Paul Worth?

And should the Sens even consider trading him?

Who Will Be the First Senator to be Traded This Season?

Ottawa’s got plenty of UFAs this year, how busy will they be at the deadline?

Weekly Question: Ottawa-Themed Skills

What if the NHL tried to pull a Vegas in Ottawa?

Weekly Question: What Can We Realistically Expect Down the Stretch?

After multiple COVID outbreaks and a growing list of injuries, how should we temper our expectations?

Weekly Question: How might Erik Brännström fit into the Sens’ plans?

Our saviour has arrived, but is he here to stay?

Weekly Question: The Best Storyline of 2022

What will be the most interesting Sens storyline to watch in 2022?

Weekly Question: How Does Matt Murray Get Back to Ottawa?

The Sens’ supposed top goalie is in the AHL. Now what?

Weekly Question: is Pierre Dorion the Right Person for the Job?

This week we ask whether or not you think Pierre Dorion is the right GM for Ottawa

Weekly Question: What Would Make the Season a Success?

In our Weekly Question, we search for meaning in what’s looking like another lost year

Weekly Question: Is It Fair to Criticize Tim Stützle?

It feels wrong to even think about it

Weekly Question: Should DJ Smith Keep Chabot and Zub Together?

When they’re on it’s working, when they’re’s not.

Weekly Question: Which Is More Likely?

Bringing back a S7S classic for a new era

Weekly Question: The Best Day In Sens History?

Where does last Thursday rank in the all time list of best days to be an Ottawa Senators fan?

Weekly Question: Thanksgiving Edition

These are hard times but let’s dig deep here

Weekly Question: Are You Going Over or Under?

Here are 10 statistical lines set before the 2021-22 season: are you taking the over or the under on them?

Who is Ottawa’s Best Available Second-Line Centre?

The organization’s current group of centres will need to improve significantly to fill this key role.

Weekly Question: How Do You Feel About Zack Smith’s Time In Ottawa?

A farewell to an underrated favourite

Weekly Question

Is this really about Brady?

Weekly Question: Is it Worth it to Use Offer Sheets?

With the Jesperi Kotkaniemi news, we ask you: would you be willing to offer sheet a player despite potential payback?

Weekly Question: What Are You Most Excited About This Season?

There are plenty of things to be excited about this season, which one is at the top of your list?

Weekly Question: Which Senator Should Be On The Cover Of An EA NHL Game?

We have reached peak offseason content

Weekly Question: Favourite Single-Season Senator

And why is it Evgeni Dadonov?

Weekly Question: Sens Would-You-Rathers


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