Weekly Question: Which Sponsor Should the Sens Wear on their Jerseys?

It Has to Be Truly Unique

The NHL is always looking for way to grow, both in its popularity and revenue. Ticket sales suffered through COVID-19, especially in Canadian cities where restrictions were in place for a longer period of time.

Adding sponsor ads to sports jerseys has always been one of the simplest ways to add revenue. It’s a norm in European soccer and many other sports but many hockey fans are not impressed. Personally speaking, more money for the league and the team can only mean more development and that’s never a bad thing. As for the look? Well, as long as it doesn’t take over the logo or ends up being something where you have several patches down each sleeve, I don’t see what the issue is.

Many teams have already announced their jersey sponsors including the Montreal Canadiens (RBC), Toronto Maple Leafs (MILK), Washington Capitals (Caesars Sportsbook) and a few others.

The Ottawa Senators have yet to announce their jersey sponsor and I thought I would give them a few ideas to get things rolling. A jersey ad needs to be unique to Ottawa, it needs to fit with the culture of the city and the vibes of the team and I think I have found a few great options.

1) Shawarma Palace

Everyone knows that nobody does Shawarma quite like Ottawa. Throughout the years, the Shawarma scene has grown into becoming a staple of the city with many options popping up all around. You may have your own favourite but nobody can argue, Shawarma Palace is the legend that really took the Shawarma scene to another level.

The Palace would be a great homage to the city but also Shawarma is just a fun food, a wrap that is bursting with flavours and a vibe that would truly reflect that of the team.

2) Suzy-Q Donuts

I don’t care if you are a “donut person” or not, if you don’t crave a Suzy Q donut on a routine basis, I simply don’t trust you. This Ottawa gem makes the most incredible dough with flavors as unique as the talents of Tim Stutzle and as wild as the presence of Brady Tkachuk in a post whistle scrum.

Imagine a colourful donut on the Sens jersey? If that doesn’t spell out fun in the boldest way possible, I don’t know what else would.

3) Farm Boy

This one just makes sense for multiple reasons but mostly, the familiarity of the team. At first, I thought it was odd seeing Farm Boy as a concession station at games but really it makes perfect sense. While, Farm Boy has branched out to multiple Ontario locations, for the longest time, it was a landmark of Ottawa. We also needed a healthy alternative but one that still fit with the team image and really once you truly analyze it, that Farm Boy concession made perfect sense.

Does it make sense to be on the jersey though? I would say there’s a strong argument there. I mean Farm Boy is as local as Claude Giroux, you have the singing young farmer who can jive with Norris and Tkachuk at any karaoke party and lastly it has the always fresh vibes that we want to represent the new and improved Sens. What’s not to like?

4) Ryan Reynolds

Yes, this seems very odd but if we want to stand out, we should go all out, no? Ryan Reynolds is a BC boy but he lived in Ottawa for a while and even became part of Ottawa’s COVID-19 fight through his role of public health intern, Bruce.

How confusing would it be for opposing teams to see a picture of a grinning Reynolds staring back at them? You think the vibes are high now? Imagine what a Reynolds sponsorship can do. Imagine him doing interview ads with a guy like Nick Holden or Thomas Chabot?

Ryan Reynolds isn’t just an actor, he’s an entire personality. One that exemplifies everything we want our team to be known for; talented, good looking and purely entertaining.

What other Ottawa specific sponsors would you put on our jersey for next year?

Who should be our jersey sponsor?

Shawarma Palace36
Suzy Q14
Farm Boy66
Ryan Reynolds68
Other (mention in comments)35

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