Weekly Question: Where Do You See This Team in 5 Years?

Are We Almost Back to Our Glory Years?

Yesterday marked the 5-year anniversary of this glorious video:

That team in 2017, that run, is one of the best we’ve seen in recent Sens history. What makes it painful to watch now is how this team completely got dismantled and 5 years later we still haven’t fully recovered.

The past few Sens game have been a nice preview of what this team can be. But with so many injuries and COVID absences, it’s been hard to really judge where this team is at. Looking at how Tim Stützle and Brady Tkachuk have been exploding the past few games, it’s safe to say the next 5 years will be much better than the ones passed since that video.

But a question that baffles many during job interviews; where do we realistically see this team in the next 5 years? Is this the last year where we’re debating which pick Dorion should go with? Is Tim Stützle really our new number 1 center or will he be back at wing next season?

I foolishly thought the Sens could battle for a wildcard spot this season, in all fairness I had high hopes Matt Murray would stay healthy (ha!) and have a bounce back season. I also didn’t think we’d lose half the team to COVID for almost a month. But now, even with Chabot missing, this team looks to be on the verge of something exciting and dangerous.

The next 5 years finally look promising and here’s what I think this team can accomplish:

a) Playoffs next season with an early exit

b) Tim Stützle wins MVP within the next 3 years

c) Go far into the playoffs and possibly have a real shot at the Cup within 3-4 seasons

d) Daniel Alfredsson is back with the team in some capacity

e) Drake Batherson and Josh Norris become two of the most lethal scorers in the league

f) The Sens are playing downtown within 5 years

g) Destroy the Leafs in every season from now until eternity

Are any of these predictions unrealistic? I mean, the way I see it, the potential for this team is looking limitless and we still haven’t tapped into Jake Sanderson, Shane Pinto and Jacob Bernard-Docker.

I am however, interested to see if the rest of the fan base is feeling the optimism and would love to hear more ideas of what could come in the comment section.

What is more likely to happen in the next 5 years

Make Playoffs As Soon As Next Season?222
Win The Cup In the Next 3-5 Years46
Tim Stutzle Wins MVP Award30
The Sens Play Downtown68
The Sens Play Downtown AND Win the Cup43

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