Weekly Question: What Will Bring You Back?

If Eugene Melnyk is here to stay, are fans gone for good?

Not the greatest idea to think about, but what if Eugene Melnyk doesn’t sell the team anytime soon? What if we don’t get the downtown arena we’ve been dreaming about? Both scenarios are highly likely, at least for the near future but will fans continue to cheer their team the same way?

Fans have been loud and clear the past two seasons about their displeasure with management and their willingness to forgo their hockey attendance privilege to punish the owner financially. While some say it worked, Melnyk still seems to survive every wave of shortcomings and lawsuits. He continues to make bad hiring decisions and/or firing competent personnel and here we are wondering if this circus will ever end. At the end of the day, who are we really punishing? Melnyk? The players? Or ourselves? Do we not miss going to games regularly? Do we not miss being there for when Brady Tkachuk has an incredible game? Or for that emotional Bobby Ryan comeback game? Anthony Duclair’s “in your face” hat trick?

Assuming everything with management stays the same, what could the Sens realistically do to bring you back as a fan? Is it cheaper tickets and food options? Even cheaper parking rates? Or simply a team that could win a few more games?

Fans can be easily swayed by a team that’s winning many games which at this point in time may take another season or two for this young team. In the meantime, the only hope we have are the upcoming picks that should change the team if the lottery goes well for us. Does it have to be Alexis Lafrenière, probably not but I can assure you that he would most certainly fill a few extra seats next season.

Other than draft picks and a secured contract for a player like Anthony Duclair, what could bring back the spark to Sens fans?

What would bring back your Sens fandom and motivate you to attend more games?

First or second overall pick57
Daniel Alfredsson returning to the organization45
Discounted tickets and more perks at the games30
Better team performance, no more last place teams83
Nothing, Melnyk must go75

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