Weekly Question: What content would you like to see this summer?

Silver Seven Sens writers are always looking for new and different ideas. In the off-season we can experiment with things, so I ask: what sort of content would you like to see this summer?

The off-season is a fun time to be a writer, because we get to talk about hypothetical signings, trades, and draft picks, and there’s usually a lot of optimism about things that could happen. At the same time though, when your team doesn’t make the playoffs, the off-season can be excruciatingly long.

I love the time around mid-June to early July when the hotstove is turned back on, and we get to discuss the draft and free agency, but besides that, things can be pretty slow. I’ll always be able to come up with ideas for articles even when nothing is happening, but sometimes it can be a challenge.

Silver Seven Sens already has the Top 25 Under 25 in August every year, which is a good way to keep the readers excited about hockey, as well as inform people about prospects they may not know. There are of course features that look back on the season like we did this week, and by September, there will be tons of season preview and prediction articles for the Ottawa Senators.

None of that will change, and essentially every sports blog will have those as staples. However, what I want to know is what the readers would like to see from the writers this summer. I’m going to leave it open-ended because I’m genuinely curious to hear what sort of things you want covered from now until September.

Would you like to see more in-depth player profiles? Revisionist histories and historical comparisons? Comedic posts? Other outside-the-box ideas? I’ll leave the floor open to you, because the readers are what drive this site. I can’t promise we’ll be able to accommodate all of your requests, but we will at least take them into consideration, and hopefully have some different content than usual this summer.

As a baseball fan as well, I love to take ideas from MLB writers, mainly because they always have such interesting things to write about. Some of you may be familiar with Sam Miller of ESPN (and formerly of Effectively Wild, the baseball podcast), and he’s a writer who has had fascinating and hilarious articles such as “how much embarrassment would you be willing to endure to play major league baseball?” as well as a post dedicated entirely to “proving” that Mark Reynolds is a blind major leaguer.

I’m not sure if Silver Seven Sens is a community that would unanimously enjoy reading silly articles such as those, but maybe I’m wrong. If those titles interest you, read them, and let me know if odd hypotheticals would be something you would read during the dog days of summer.

If not, that’s perfectly fine too, because at the end of the day I (and my colleagues) would love to produce content that the readers want. So let’s hear it, what do you want to see more of this summer?

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