Weekly Question: Ottawa-Themed All-Star Skills

What if the NHL tried to pull a Vegas in Ottawa?

Friday night, the NHL hosted the All-Star Skills Competition in Las Vegas. It was a full Vegas affair, using the Strip and the Bellagio Fountain for events, and having performers part of various events and entertainment. Ottawa hosted the All-Star Game a decade ago, but it got me thinking: if Ottawa did it again, and now that the NHL is trying to celebrate uniqueness, how would they make it more Ottawa-centric? Here are a few of my ideas.

Rideau Canal longest shot

The Canal would have to be part of the festivities, being the most iconic thing about Ottawa in the winter. You wouldn't be able to do any kind of skill or speed event due to the issues with outdoor ice, but what about picking a long straight stretch and seeing how far a guy can shoot it? It's kind of like the hardest shot, but a little more visual. I also have no idea how far a puck could be shot, so I'd be curious.

Parliament Hill shootout

Parliament Hill is probably one of the most iconic views of Ottawa. Why not adapt it into a competition? Set up a mini version of Parliament Hill on the ice (or on a rink in front of the real thing?) Players have to hit targets set up on the peace tower clock, the peace tower peak, the library, the east and west blocks, maybe farther away for the Château Laurier.

Political obstacle course

How hard is it to get a bill passed in Canada? Set up the skills relay from All-Star competitions past to find out! Have players pass through puck into nets through the House of Commons floor. Have goalies shoot for the net across the Senate floor. Guys do skating relays in the press gallery of the Supreme Court. Have the referees dress like Supreme Court justices, or have Sandra Oh and Dan Aykroyd be the referees. Do it full and gimmicky.

These are my suggestions, but let us know in the comments, what would you plan for an Ottawa skills competition?

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