Weekly Question: Is Thomas Chabot’s Time In Ottawa Over?

Why is our top-D becoming the scapegoat?

Trading Thomas Chabot is probably not a discussion I thought I would ever need to have. However, in yet another frustrating season, fans will want to pick apart the pieces of what went wrong.

Is Chabot having a sub-par season? Absolutely, including yet another concerning game against the Edmonton Oilers. While Jake Sanderson’s arrival has been exciting for the Sens, it surely doesn’t eliminated the need for Chabot and frankly, I don’t understand why we continue to rely on one really good defenseman instead of building a complete defensive group which in our case would include Chabot AND Sanderson not either/or.

Maybe Chabot is dealing with a lingering injury, maybe he’s exhausted his will to play under DJ Smith or maybe all those years of him playing ridiculous minutes has finally caught up to him. Every player goes through bad season, even the most reliable ones. Trading Chabot instantly puts the Sens at yet another defensive disadvantage that they can’t afford.

You would think after all those years and after all those bad trades, Sens fans would be cautious about trading a star player on the team. While trading someone like Drake Batherson or Mathieu Joseph would also hurt the team, the two are easily replaceable in one form or the other but Thomas Chabot, with his experience, his “usually” reliable presence and leadership would be a void that’s very hard to fill.

Is It Time To Explore a Chabot Trade?

Yes, he seems to have peaked and is on the decline73
Absolutely not, he’s just having a bad season and will bounce back370
Not really but I’m willing to hear some offers182

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