Weekly Question: Is There a Correct Draft Logic?

Do you draft by position or simply the best player available?

The most anticipated event for the NHL now has to be their imminent yet unconfirmed return to the ice. However, there is one other event that will prove to be more exciting for teams like the Ottawa Senators, Los Angeles Kings and Detroit Red Wings. The number one pick is already determined even if the team picking first overall is still unknown. The question is for the remaining Top-5 teams, how do you make the choice on your picks?

The best case scenario for the Ottawa Senators could be Quinton Byfield, although getting Tim Stützle would be just as great for the organization both in the short and long term. While both players are projected to have similar value and ceiling, the main difference is their positions. With the Los Angeles Kings picking ahead of us and being a team that is extremely rich on the centre position, do they draft the winger or take Byfield who is projected to be a slightly higher pick?

Regardless of what team we are referring to, it is always an intriguing idea. How do you make the choice with a high pick? Especially a top-3 pick? Do you always follow the ratings and ranks or do you strictly assess your team’s needs and draft accordingly? Is there more pressure on teams picking higher to take those players projected to go second and third overall and not risk taking a chance on a player who could bust?

Pierre Dorion is known for his good drafting abilities but he can also get too confident with his reach picks. How much can he realistically risk with a third and fifth overall pick? Does he still pick the best available player at fifth or can he maybe take a bit of a risk to address the holes left in this team’s developing roster?

So this week’s question; which draft strategy do you think Pierre Dorion should follow through the first round and beyond?

How Should Dorion Approach the Draft?

Pick Best Available Player at 3rd and 5th143
Always Look For the Player Most Needed by the Team for 3rd and 5th15
Pick Available Player Throughout the Draft32
Pick By Position Throughout the Draft3
Start with Best Available Players then Pick By Position in Later Rounds123

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