Weekly Question: How can the Senators Organization Regain Your Trust?

There have been a lot of Senators fans publicly expressing their wilting fandom for the team this season, but the question remains: how can Ottawa regain that trust?

The past month or two has been quite insane in the Ottawa Senators fanbase, and a common theme has been displeasure towards the coaching, management, and ownership. I’ve seen some people on Twitter say that they won’t be renewing season tickets next season, mainly because it seems like Erik Karlsson is on his way out.

We all want different things from the organization moving forward, and there are even some who still have trust in Eugene Melnyk as the owner. However, the overwhelming majority of people that I have interacted with want to see change.

The weekly question is then: how can the Senators organization regain your trust?

Scorched earth

If the only thing that will get you to trust this team is if Guy Boucher, Pierre Dorion, Eugene Melnyk, and others are all out, then this is the option for you. There’s a legitimate case to be made that all three should go, although obviously it’s impossible for them to be let go at the same time.

I feel like Boucher won’t be here next season, and even if he is, it’d be on a very short leash. Dorion signed a 3-year extension in February, so he probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Melnyk may be selling in a few years, but we just don’t know yet. The point is, if you fit into this category, then it could be a few more years before the Senators regain your trust, and I honestly can’t blame you.

Burning the whole thing to the ground isn’t going to happen overnight, if ever.

Just Melnyk selling

If a new owner is the only thing that is needed to satisfy you (and not the coach and GM gone as well), then vote for this option. This is what most fans want, as the #MelnykOut campaign is spreading not just in Ottawa—but across the continent.

In fact, I won’t hide my opinion on this, as I made sure to let people know my thoughts in Vancouver:

I honestly think Melnyk selling the team would bring back a lot of fans who are losing interest in the team. He may not sell until a LeBreton deal is done and all NHL teams collect their money from the Seattle expansion team, but I feel like it will happen in the next few years.

That may seem like a long time, but I can’t envision a scenario where he needlessly holds onto this team. With him selling, hopefully their financial situation would become much more stable, and a new owner could breathe some fresh air into the organization.

Having said that, don’t let my opinion on this sway your vote, as I want your genuine answer to this question.

Investments off the ice

Some may be resigned to the fact that Melnyk won’t sell the team immediately, so the next best thing is for him to invest in a better off-ice staff. That includes things like a different assistant GM (and one who isn’t a strength and conditioning coach), an analytics department, more scouts, and things of that ilk.

The Senators have by far the smallest front office in the league, and Melnyk even admitted that. He may not be able to spend a ton on the players themselves, but paying off-ice staff is much easier and cheaper, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask to bring in more quality people into the organization to get some new voices in the mix.

If this is the only thing that would get you to trust the Senators again (and not in addition to Melnyk selling the team or Dorion getting fired), then vote for this option.

Re-signing Erik Karlsson

Perhaps you didn’t think anything about this team was that bad until the notion of trading Karlsson came up. If you think that Melnyk and Dorion are passable in their roles and that this team can still be good with Karlsson leading the charge, then maybe this is all it would take to satisfy you.

I certainly think re-signing him would get a lot of people off the ledge, although there has been a ton of damage to the fanbase’s morale already.

Already have your trust

I expect this group to be a small minority, but we can’t forget that not everybody is against Melnyk right now. He still has his supporters, and while I’d disagree with them, they’re still a part of the fanbase.

The trust may not even be in Melnyk per se, but it could be more of an attitude that Dorion is doing a good job and that the ownership situation is simply good enough. If you belong in this category, then there is no trust to be regained.

Other (new marketing strategies, new rink, different GM, etc.)

This isn’t a perfect poll, because I know it’s difficult to put everybody into specific categories, as some people want slight variations of the listed options. If you don’t fit into any of the previous five categories and perhaps all you want is a new coach/new GM, or a new rink at LeBreton, or different marketing strategies, or whatever the case may be, let me know in the comments (and vote for other).

I’m curious to see what the feeling is amongst readers on this site as to what the Senators have to do to get people fully back on board.

How can the Senators organization regain your trust?

Scorched Earth93
Just Melnyk selling443
Investments off the ice80
Re-signing Erik Karlsson212
Already have your trust22

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