Weekly Question: What Other Celebrities Would You Like To See Involved with Ownership?

Let’s Let Our Imagination Run Wild

The talks of Ryan Reynolds’ involvement in new ownership have simmered down a bit after the initial furor, at least until we get some sort of clarity on the situation. It’s evident that he is still very much interested and involved as initially reported but with the formalities of the sale yet to be confirmed, we unfortunately will not know much for a while.

While we wait to see how everything evolves and if Deadpool truly is going to be part of our next ownership group, I thought it would be fun to see what other celebrities, fans dream of having associated with the team.

I have a few suggestions for some other beloved celebrities:

Hugh Jackman

When thinking about a partner for Ryan Reynolds, the first person to come to mind for me is Hugh Jackman. The duo have been dynamic as frenemies ever since they met on the set of Wolverine. Hugh Jackman would hold Reynolds accountable when he makes questionable decisions and he seems like a guy who would be involved in the operations of the team more closely. Jackman would bring in the serious and mature leadership this ownership group needs and will stand up for this team with all the Wolverine passion he can muster. I’m also open to the possibility that he could help inspire the boys from behind the bench.

Michael Bublé

Another obvious choice here, but Bublé has already established himself both a solid hockey fanbase and a hockey rivalry almost in every NHL city he has visited. While a Canucks fan at heart, much like Reynolds, maybe he can be swayed to come to the dark side of the Eastern conference. Bublé’s personality is exactly what the Sens vibes need in their ownership group. Think of him as a cross between Nick Holden’s fun-hype character and Josh Norris’s calm but endearing humorous attitude. We would also benefit from a “Bubly” sponsorship which if done right, can work on the jersey.

Simu Liu

In keeping with the theme of superheroes, Liu would fit right in with Deadpool and Wolverine. The actor has quickly become a Canadian icon after his rise to fame in his role as  Shang-Chi. Liu would be the motivational force in the ownership group, he knows how to fight against life’s worst struggles and come out on top. He would be the young face of diversity and the inspiration to rise above all expectations. It doesn’t hurt that he’s an accountant too which you know makes him fiscally smart when we need to re-sign Zub and DeBrincat.


The possibilities are endless, I mean we have Rachel McAdams, Dan Levy or even a hockey fan like Steve Carell who grew up playing hockey. Let your imagination run wild!

The sale of the Ottawa Senators is one of the most significant changes to happen to the organization in a long time and the rumours of Reynolds’ involvement just makes it fun at this point especially with the recent Sens struggles on the ice. Reynolds will probably be part of an ownership group that are mostly businessmen billionaires with names such as Paul Desmarais but you can’t deny that it would be fun to see more celebrities involved, if only for the marketing value it bring to the Sens.

What Other Celebrity Would You Like To See Involved in Ownership?

Hugh Jackman27
Michael Buble15
Simu Liu8
Other (comment below)23

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