Weekly Question: Do You Dare to Dream?

It's been so long, I've forgotten what optimism felt like.

As of this moment, thanks to a surprisingly spectacular Western road trip, Ottawa is the master of their own playoff fate. Through a combination of games in hand and direct match-ups, they can finish ahead of every other team in the hunt for the final wild card position in the East. The Senators are officially on the bubble.

But two weeks ago, most fans would have been looking down the standings towards draft position rather than up towards the wild card.

It won't necessarily be easy - Ottawa likely needs to pick up 23 points in 19 games, minimum, to have a chance. That only gets them to 92 points, typically the low end of the entry range for the playoffs. As of yesterday the wonderful Micah Blake McCurdy was projecting Boston at 94 points however, so 92 may not cut it.

There's Florida to think about too - while their goaltending injury issues are definitely a setback to their playoff hopes, they still managed to beat the Islanders last night. I wouldn't brush them off just yet.

May you live in interesting times.

The Sens have sure made it interesting. Are you opening yourself up to the highs or lows that could come, holding out against the risk of being let down, or just buckling in and enjoying the ride?

Have you dared to dream yet?

I never stopped!33
After that road trip, how could I not?86
I'm close - beat Boston and I'm in81
Que Sera, Sera - I'm enjoying the ride without worrying about the destination76
No, I've had my dreams shattered too many times by this team10
It's tough, but I'm still holding on to the dream - the dream of Connor McDavid10
Don't know0
Decline my ballot0

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