Weekly Question: Deadline Week

Tyler Motte, Nikita Zaitsev, and?

Three weeks ago in his Weekly Question, Spencer asked how the Ottawa Senators should approach the trade deadline this season. The consensus among readers reflected the outcome that we’ll most likely see this week: Trade away some rental veterans to make room for deserving prospects. The Senators in effect wouldn’t waive the white flag altogether and also wouldn’t sell the farm to meet immediate needs. If for whatever reason we do see a totally different approach at the deadline this year, I reckon it has something to do with the fact that both Ottawa and Belleville have failed to meet expectations this season due to a combination of injuries and misfortune. The organization will have a tall task this coming week bolstering both the AHL and NHL rosters. If anything I expect to see more trades around Belleville than Ottawa. To that effect I don’t see players like Scott Sabourin, Rourke Chartier, or Jacob Lucchini going anywhere.

With all that in mind, let’s get to our final polls for Ottawa’s trade deadline plans. Pierre Dorion, never a stranger to the trade market, has stayed busy of late, already having traded Tyler Motte and Nikita Zaitsev, and the rumours continue to swirl about. Now with five days and change to go until the deadline, let’s run down the list one last time.

Derick Brassard

Pierre Dorion has effectively ruled out the possibility of trading Brassard at the deadline but I wanted to include all of Ottawa’s pending UFAs in the spirit of completion. With the possibility of playing his 1000th NHL game with his hometown team (on his second stint) right around the trade deadline, Brassard makes for an interesting narrative. Having played for almost a third of the teams in the NHL, I don’t imagine Brassard relishes the idea of another trade (without a serious shot at a championship). I love Brassard’s vibes and I would have no issue with him staying in Ottawa especially considering the meagre return one would expect.

Will Dorion trade Brassard?

Hell no!108

Travis Hamonic

In the same media hit, Dorion expressed that both Brassard and Hamonic will likely finish the season in Ottawa. I kinda really want to see Hamonic go though so I intend to just keep manifesting this until Friday afternoon even if it seems futile. I don’t care that the Sens also happen to find themselves in the market for a defender (Hamonic hasn’t solved their problems anyway). NHL GMs love Canadian-born, right-handed, tough-guy defenders. Jake Sanderson has enough talent to elevate any defender he pairs up with. We’ll probably have Tyler Kleven in the spring anyway. Just take the draft pick and run, Pierre!

Will Dorion trade Hamonic?

Yes, Pierre just told a funny joke117
No, Pierre never lies154

Nick Holden

If you, like me, considered Holden a layup among trade candidates then keep in mind that he can veto trades to ten teams. And again, the Senators don’t necessarily have an abundance of healthy defenders but depending on the urgency in Belleville, they have reinforcements ready on the farm. Holden lacks Hamonic’s right-handedness and toughness but has more huge bigness and that might sway a GM to part with an pick good enough to force Dorion’s hand. Besides, the Sens don’t need a dad like they did last year. They have Claude Giroux now. You’re not my real dad, Nick Holden.

Will Dorion trade Holden?

Yes, we have enough father figures214
No, we need all the father figures we can get62

Cam Talbot

Whatever I said about Brassard’s vibes, apply the opposite for Talbot. His vibes stink. He didn’t want to back-up in Minnesota, he said he would steal the crease in Ottawa, and then he just kinda stunk. As I mentioned in an article recently, Talbot puts up bizarrely good numbers on the penalty kill but doesn’t do much else and he has had more poor starts than quality starts for the Senators. If the Sens can recuperate any sort of value for Talbot then Pierre I beg you please keep doing Hot Pierre things. Mads Søgaard kicks ass and Kevin Mandolese also absolutely rocked his audition in Ottawa. Send Talbot to the moon!

Will Dorion trade Talbot?

Yes, God is good!255
No, everything is bad35

Austin Watson

Watson remains in Ottawa as a painful reminder of arguably the worst shopping spree in franchise history (for those who have forgotten: Josh Brown, Matt Murray, Erik Gudbranson, Watson, and Derek Stepan (in the span of three months!)). Watson bothers me for a lot of reasons but most importantly, the Sens have at least half a dozen internal options for replacements (call up Scott Sabourin why not). Traditional hockey fans and stat heads see two completely different values in Watson. I completely respect that some folks need those gritty old school grinders to root for. I won’t tell you how to enjoy an entertainment product. With that in mind, I’d still enjoy standing on the other side of the fence and saying “damn, your GM really gave up a draft pick for that guy.”

Will Dorion trade Watson?

Yes, other GMs are bad226
No, our GM is, in fact, bad61

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