Weekly Question: Are You Superstitious?

What is your one thing that you believe can alter a game result?

As sports fans, we become invested in our teams in ways most people around us will never understand. Every game day becomes a high stakes event, every draft is an occasion, the playoffs are just the most nerve-wrecking time of the year if you’re lucky enough to cheer for a good team.

Going to watch a game live is a whole other experience; it’s exciting, you plan out what jersey to wear, what section you must sit in, who you might meet up with and of course in Ottawa’s case how early you have to go to avoid a parking lot debacle. I can tell you there is nothing worse than walking all the way to lot 9 while it’s snowing and not wearing proper shoes after a 5-1 loss. Not that this gripping is influenced by yesterday at all, mind you.

Some fans are casual and just enjoy the fan experience (live or from home) but for some, it’s more serious. We are part of this team and we need to get our preparations done right in order to do our part!

I have way more superstitions than I would like to admit but a few include having to make sure my hair is styled for every Sens game regardless if I’m watching from home or going to the game. Another is never choosing a player from that game (Sens or opponent) on the Tims hockey pool challenge and of course when going to the game, if a jersey loses one game it’s not seeing another until I’ve cycled through every option. Others include arriving right on time or late to the game (which happened yesterday, sorry) and what side of the arena I sit in. Do this really affect the outcome of the game? Well I didn’t paint my nails red yesterday and got into my seat before buying my go-to meal of chicken tenders and fries and see what happened?

Deep down inside we know the outcome isn’t a result of anything we actually do but it’s hard to let go of those little nuances that have become part of our identity as sports fan. That being said, I think I might have to let go of my go-to arena meal because I’m not sure I can stomach it anymore as it’s gotten considerably worse with each game ;).

Do you have any game day superstitions? Are they limited to when you attend games live or do you have home vs away traditions?  Is there anything you’re doing to get the team out of its rut? Let us know in the comments below!

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