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Weekly Question

Can the End of the Ottawa Senators’ Season Be a Success?

We might be down to moral victories

Weekly Question: How Close are the Sens to Being Competitive?

The Chychrun trade ticks off one more box for the Sens. Is the rebuild really over?

Weekly Question: When Did You Last Feel This Optimistic About the Senators?

It’s a great time to be a Senators fan. When was the last time you felt this great?

Weekly Question

Tyler Motte, Nikita Zaitsev, and?

Which Current Ottawa Senator Will See Their Number Retired?

After Chris Neil’s big night, we’re wondering: "Who’s next?"

Weekly Question: Is Thomas Chabot’s Time In Ottawa Over?

Why is our top-D becoming the scapegoat?

Weekly Question: What should the Sens do at the Trade Deadline?

With the NHL Trade Deadline approaching, we want to know what you think the Sens should be doing leading up to the big day.

Weekly Question: Rivalries

Was this weekend—fun!?

Weekly Question: Where Do We Go From Here?

Are There Many Options Left For the Sens?

Weekly Question: Best Seats in the House

Let’s not talk about the game last night

Weekly Question: Who is the Senators’ Best Personality?

This Senators team is full of phenomenal personalities, but who is your favourite?

Weekly Question: What Would You Like To See Happen For the Ottawa Senators in 2023?

The year of the dream of great new ownership

Weekly Question: A Time for Reflection

Let’s take a moment to look inside

Should the Senators Move Giroux to Centre?

With Josh Norris out for a bit longer, could Giroux be a temporary solution for Ottawa’s centre depth?

Weekly Question

Oh snap it’s another nostalgia piece!

Weekly Question: 2nd-best enforcer

We all know Chris Neil comes in first — so who’s second?

Weekly Question

What do the Ottawa Senators want?

Weekly Question: Are You Superstitious?

What is your one thing that you believe can alter a game result?

Weekly Question: Chris Neil Edition

Too weird to live and too rare to die

Weekly Question: What Other Celebrities Would You Like To See Involved with Ownership?

Let’s Let Our Imagination Run Wild

Weekly Question: How Safe is DJ Smith?

How Much is Dorion Willing to Risk of his Hot Pierre Summer

Weekly Question: Is Shane Pinto Ready?

With a potentially serious injury to Josh Norris, is Pinto our saviour?

Weekly Question: How Can The Sens Break Their Early-Season Curse?

The Sens have a history of getting off to terrible starts. It’s time to find creative solutions.

Weekly Question: Thanksgiving Edition!

The Sens have given us so much to be thankful for!

Weekly Question: Which Sponsor Should the Sens Wear on their Jerseys?

It Has to Be Truly Unique

Weekly Question: Which Senators Prospect are you Most Excited to Follow?

There are tons of Ottawa prospects to follow, but who are you most excited for in 2022-23?

Weekly Question: Awards?!

It’s like the "Playoffs?!" meme but more different

Weekly Question: What Should the Top-Six Look Like?

The Senators top-six looks loaded, but how would you align them?

Weekly Question: Which is your Favourite Turris Overtime Goal?

Two Great OT Winners Versus the New York Rangers

Weekly Question

Who will emerge as Ottawa’s go-to netminder?

Weekly Question: This or That?

Questions about a bit of everything

Does Ottawa’s Prospect Pool Hold an Immediate Solution on Defence?

It might not be Jakob Chychrun or bust.