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Weekly Question

Weekly Question

What do the Ottawa Senators want?

Weekly Question: Are You Superstitious?

What is your one thing that you believe can alter a game result?

Weekly Question: Chris Neil Edition

Too weird to live and too rare to die

Weekly Question: What Other Celebrities Would You Like To See Involved with Ownership?

Let’s Let Our Imagination Run Wild

Weekly Question: How Safe is DJ Smith?

How Much is Dorion Willing to Risk of his Hot Pierre Summer

Weekly Question: Is Shane Pinto Ready?

With a potentially serious injury to Josh Norris, is Pinto our saviour?

Weekly Question: How Can The Sens Break Their Early-Season Curse?

The Sens have a history of getting off to terrible starts. It’s time to find creative solutions.

Weekly Question: Thanksgiving Edition!

The Sens have given us so much to be thankful for!

Weekly Question: Which Sponsor Should the Sens Wear on their Jerseys?

It Has to Be Truly Unique

Weekly Question: Which Senators Prospect are you Most Excited to Follow?

There are tons of Ottawa prospects to follow, but who are you most excited for in 2022-23?

Weekly Question: Awards?!

It’s like the "Playoffs?!" meme but more different

Weekly Question: What Should the Top-Six Look Like?

The Senators top-six looks loaded, but how would you align them?

Weekly Question: Which is your Favourite Turris Overtime Goal?

Two Great OT Winners Versus the New York Rangers

Weekly Question

Who will emerge as Ottawa’s go-to netminder?

Weekly Question: This or That?

Questions about a bit of everything

Does Ottawa’s Prospect Pool Hold an Immediate Solution on Defence?

It might not be Jakob Chychrun or bust.

Weekly Question: What Is One More Thing That The Sens Need This Summer?

Is it really just a top-4 defenseman?

Weekly Question: Who is Ottawa Most Likely to Leapfrog in the Standings?

The Senators are now poised to be a playoff team, but who can they jump over in the standings?

Weekly Question: Where does DeBrincat fit on the powerplay?

It seems bizarre to not put the top offensive weapon on the first unit.

Weekly Question: Who is Your Favourite Forward Target?

This week we ask: who is your favourite forward you think the Senators should acquire this off-season?

Weekly Question: What Are Your Wishes For The Downtown Arena?

At last, we can dream about Lebreton again

Weekly Question: Should the Sens Carry 3 Goaltenders in 2022-23?

It’s unconventional, but it might be the safest option

Weekly Question: Favourite non-Sens Playoff Moments

It’s mostly schadenfreude

Weekly Question: Which Players are Untouchable?

Ottawa might be looking to wheel and deal this off-season, so which players are untouchable for you?

Weekly Question

Have you recovered from last year’s draft day debacle?

Weekly Question: How Can The Senators Be More Fun And Engaging Off The Ice?

What kind of events and nights would you like to see more of?

Weekly Question: Where Do You See This Team in 5 Years?

Are We Almost Back to Our Glory Years?

Weekly Question: Who is Your Favourite Senator off the Ice?

The off-ice vibes are off the charts, but who is your favourite player in that regard?

Weekly Question: What is Your Favourite Season from the Melnyk Era?

Eugene Melnyk owned the Ottawa Senators for almost two decades. Which season was your favourite during that era?

Weekly Question: Would Claude Giroux Really Come to Ottawa?

Should we stop fantasizing about it?

Weekly Question: Worst Season of the Rebuild?

Things can’t possibly get wo—

Weekly Question: are Sanderson and Greig Enough?

Pierre Dorion says Ottawa needs a top-6 forward and a top-4 D. Are Sanderson and Greig enough to make this a playoff team?


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