Was Logan Brown’s Agent Right?

In our First Weekly Question, we ask: was Logan Brown’s agent right?

With the start of the season now truly upon us, our Weekly Question feature returns. As you may have heard, there’s a bit of controversy in Sens-land regarding Logan Brown. On Thursday night, Brown’s agent gave the following quote:

In Friday’s Five Thoughts piece, Brandon argued that Brown and his agent were out of line in vocalizing the complaint. There’s something to that notion: Brown’s missed a lot of time with injury the last few seasons, and he didn’t exactly light the world on fire in training camp and the pre-season.

On the other hand, the Sens have made a big deal of promoting a youth-filled rebuild; the tagline for this year is #TheKidsAreAlright. Yet, there are several players on the roster that not only don’t fit the the long-term vision of the team, they are not especially good NHLers. Of the youngsters who didn’t play a prominent role last season, only Drake Batherson and Filip Chlapik were able to crack the team up front — and Chlapik will be a healthy scratch in game 2. Are the Sens really giving their kids a chance to shine?

Which brings us to this week’s question: Did Logan Brown’s agent have a point? Are the Sens really resistant to bring up some of their top prospects?

Does Logan Brown’s agent have a point?

No, the youngsters need to earn it more than they have201
Yes, but only kind of: Brown hasn’t been great but the team could use more youth168
Yes, absolutely! Brown earned his spot through his play last year and this year31

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