Ultimate Sens Twitter Bracket Tournament: Round 1

For those who are active on Senators Twitter, now is your chance to vote for the best tweets from the community that is able to produce some hilarious content

For some regular Silver Seven Sens readers, this post may seem completely foreign to you.

For those who are active in the Senators twitter community though, this could be a trip down memory lane. A few months ago, user @YakovMironov compiled the best tweets from hockey twitter and made people vote on them to determine what the best/most iconic tweet was.

It got me thinking: this same concept but for Senators twitter specifically. Over the past few days, I received tons of nominations for the top 32 tweets, and I probably could have even made this a 64-tweet bracket. Sadly I know that there are a few I will inevitably have missed, plus there are dozens that I wish could make the cut.

However, all the tweets in this bracket are top notch, and it shows that the community can be pretty entertaining at times.

So there are 16 matchups, and you can vote for each one in this post. This is the first round, and I’ll keep posting new articles until we have a winner. There’s nothing better to do in the middle of July anyway, right?

Here are the best of the best:

Matchup 1: “Contery on are back” vs. “Zibanejad soccer gif”

Jason Spezza’s brother reached his peak at this point back in 2012. Meanwhile, there aren’t that many gifs that have been better than this Zibanejad/MacLean soccer combo back during the 2013 playoffs.

Who wins?

Contery on are back141
Zibanejad soccer gif271

Matchup 2: “Euh” vs. “Condra Hands”

Gabrielle should have quit twitter after this. It wasn’t worth it to keep moving forward. Going against “euh” is the amazing Chet Sellers providing a hilarious hypothetical after Mark Stone’s microfracture in the 2015 playoffs.

Who wins?

Condra Hands248

Matchup 3: “Pesky ____” vs. “Politicians slandering Karlsson”

The 2013 season they were known as the Pesky Sens. Well, bRian wanted that same team to return in the fall of 2014. Sensfeld was also getting pretty upset about the constant negativity towards Erik Karlsson from American politicians.

Who wins?

Pesky _____193
Politicians slandering Karlsson194

Matchup 4: “Diaper Baby” vs. “No Rings for Matthews”

Diaper Baby is a two-part tweet, because the Senators response is hilarious, but then the “we well we well Sens you” is absolutely iconic. However, Bonk’s Mullet raised his game in his A+ trolling of the Leafs fanbase.

Who wins?

Diaper baby89
No Rings for Matthews288

Matchup 5: “Craziest 15 minutes ever” vs. “New Sens logo”

@Slowhnds’ gif isn’t really Senators related, but it’s a perfect use of a gif so it deserves to be here. Eric Lapointe’s sweet new Senators logo also deserves to be the official logo for next season.

Who wins?

Craziest 15 minutes ever216
New Sens logo162

Matchup 6: “Lace em up” vs. “Alt-right, alt-right, alt-right”

Methot can be pretty funny on twitter, and it was even more hilarious when he went after Adnan, who some of you may follow. Marc even joked around with him after that, which made him seem even cooler. On the other side, we have good friend Mike referencing Robin Lehner and his love for Donald Trump.

Who wins?

Lace em up289
Alt-right, alt-right, alt-right70

Matchup 7: “Leafs r poo” vs. “Giant head dude”

It’s never not funny to make fun of the Leafs, even if it’s in the most childish form such as this. Brochenski’s tweet is from almost four years ago and it still gets referenced/retweeted. The second tweet is something that Ed Brown, Luke Peristy, and Graeme Nichols noticed, as this man behind the bench in Vancouver had possibly the largest head ever recorded. Even if it’s an illusion, the screenshot below is hilarious.

Who wins?

Leafs r poo145
Giant head dude209

Matchup 8: “Condon is no fluke” vs. “Daddy Phillips”

Although this Mike Condon tweet was about him when he was in Montreal, that tweet has been retweeted and re-retweeted consistently while he was terrible for the Canadiens and also while he was great for the Senators. Funny how things work out. “No fluke” is up against our old friends Curtis Lazar and Chris Phillips in a fantastic photoshop from @Capital_Gains65.

Who wins?

Condon is no fluke64
Daddy Phillips288

Matchup 9: “Celine Dion” vs. “Chirp from Sens account”

Kevin Lee began this brilliant schtick these playoffs, and he was able to do it six times. The first is always the funniest though. On the other side, we have the Senators account (Craig Medaglia) beating Matt Bostelaar at his own game.

Who wins?

Celine Dion191
Chirp from Sens account162

Matchup 10: “Cowen into the canal” vs. “Take a shot for Mark Stone”

It’s funny that Mike wanted Cowen fired into the canal at this point, yet we had to wait over two more years for it to actually happen. That one was a classic during Cowen’s tenure in Ottawa. I have to respect the fact that Roman made the entire Leafs fanbase upset and riled up over his tweet, so his tweet on Mark Stone and Auston Matthews deserves to be in the bracket.

Who wins?

Cowen into the canal102
Take a shot for Mark Stone242

Matchup 11: “Rihannaing” vs. “Phaneuf has more goals”

I almost forgot about “rihannaing,” as it was four years ago, which seems like an incredibly long time. This is how Bonk’s Mullet came to fame, and it caught the fanbase by storm. Much like the Roman’s tweet in matchup 10, James Creighton was able to get the Leafs fanbase upset I guess because we were talking about their team too much...or something like that.

Who wins?

Phaneuf has more goals172

Matchup 12: “Pageauuuu” vs. “Send out 74 and 2”

Jean-Gabriel Pageau will always be known for his four goal playoff game. Well, for both of them. But SensChirp encapsulates the joy of that game due to the ability to mock the Habs. Meanwhile, Don’s tweet reminds me just how frustrating it was to see Jared Cowen and Mark Borowiecki consistently get minutes on the PK back in 2015.

Who wins?

Send out 74 and 285

Matchup 13: “Caca Peepee” vs. “Drouin for Ceci straight up”

I have no idea who runs the @FeebleMath account, but it is a parody of Micah Blake McCurdy’s @IneffectiveMath, and he/she is amazing. The Cody Ceci joke is so simple but I love it. On the other side of the matchup, we have another Ceci joke. Everybody knows that a trade involving Jonathan Drouin was never going to just be for Cody Ceci, but some of us like to poke fun at those who think we are being serious about a deal being 1-for-1. He’ll never live down those rumours.

Who wins?

Caca Peepee143
Drouin for Ceci straight up196

Matchup 14: “Nailed it” vs. “Old Goal Horn”

Athletes don’t have to be incredibly funny for something they do to be laughed at, and this fits in that category. For some reason Stone messing this up just makes him even more lovable. Going against Stone, we have Peter Raaymakers with a gem that was produced just before the playoffs. That goal light came out of retirement and got a full time job right after.

Who wins?

Nailed it171
Old goal horn158

Matchup 15: “Believe in the comeback” vs. “Imitating Mirtle”

Capital Gains created this amazing montage in the 2015 playoffs when the Senators were down 3-2 to Montreal in the first round. I’ve watched it at least a dozen times, and it honestly brings a tear to my eye. Against Gainsy, we have good friend Callum Fraser imitating a Sens fan favourite James Mirtle.

Mirtle had quite the season interacting with Senators fans, and he was incredibly quick to use the block button (my quote tweet of “lol” was enough, apparently). When he tweeted in mid-February something along the lines of “the division is getting tight. Could the Bruins, Panthers, or Leafs win it?”, Ottawa fans were quick to jump on him considering that the Senators actually had the highest points percentage in the division at that very moment. I don’t hate the guy, but man, he puts himself into some bad spots sometimes.

Who wins?

Believe in the comeback130
Imitating Mirtle194

Matchup 16: “Game recap” vs. “Murray glasses”

Don’s game recap gif almost always gets RT’d when the Senators suffer a horrible loss, so it’s ingrained into my mind at this point. Gainsy has another good tweet in this matchup as well, and it’s one of the more creative gifs I’ve ever seen.

Who wins?

Game recap71
Murray glasses255

There you have it. Check back for results and make sure to vote in the upcoming rounds!

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