Top 25 Under 25, #5: Curtis Lazar

The most adorable Senator ever moves up two spots on this year's list

Curtis Lazar is a player who's stock rose steadily through the season. First the question of if he would get a look out of camp was answered with a yes. That look turned into him staying in the NHL instead of being sent back to the CHL. There was one stretch of the season where he wasn't playing in the NHL - when he was busy winning a gold medal as captain of Canada's World Junior team.

One thing that didn't go as well as Lazar might have liked was point production, especially earlier in the season. He was starting to look a while lot better by the end of the season though, when he was a steady presence on one of the most fun lines to watch on the team.

With all of that, you might think the question of if he should be playing in the NHL yet from last season was fully answered. The question isn't as big this year, but it does remain. He likely enters camp with a leg up on the competition for a roster spot, but he's hardly secure in it. Other players on our list are likely to push hard for a spot out of camp, and a weaker relative performance there by Lazar could see him starting the season in the AHL.

Regardless sof where he starts the season, Lazar's future looks as bright as his smile.

No article on Lazar would be complete without mentioning how the Senators hit on pure gold with him in the realm of social media. From adorable interactions with Chris Phillips and his family, to sharing some childhood memorabilia, just about everything Lazar posts has "viral" written all over it.

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