Top 25 Under 25: Ballots Revealed

We take a look at how the staff voted in our Top 25 Under 25 Review

With the Top 25 Under 25 feature wrapping up last Friday, we’ll be dedicating a few articles this week to breaking down the results. In the spirit of transparency, every year we unveil our staff’s voting. Here are the final rankings:

Top 25 Under 25 Ballots

1Chabot, Thomas11111111
2Tkachuk, Brady23222332
3Brännström, Erik44443224
4White, Colin52835463
5Batherson, Drake36354745
6Brown, Logan675106657
6Wolanin, Christian75677596
8Duclair, Anthony857517978
9Balcers, Rudolfs991189889
10Norris, Josh101291511151012
11Jaros, Christian1611131316111415
12Bernard-Docker, Jacob1119181612131211
13Formenton, Alex1314141214181810
14Abramov, Vitaly19161598141618
15Högberg, Marcus2010221415101114
16Thomson, Lassi1418191710121513
17Lajoie, Maxime121312619201919
18Chlapík, Filip1822161113211717
18Davidsson, Jonathan1517171918161320
20Paul, Nicholas1715101820192024
21Daccord, Joey2121202021172321
22Veronneau, Max82122222222
23Tychonick, Jonathan2520242322232126
24Gustavsson, Filip242124242416
25Pinto, Shane2323242323

Now’s your chance to tell us how right (or how wrong!) each of us really was.

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