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Top 25 Under 25, 2021

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25 for 2021

Top 25 Under 25: Roundtable

We offer our thoughts on how this year’s ranking played out.

Top 25 Under 25, #1: Thomas Chabot

The 24-year-old stays in the top spot for the 5th year in a row

Top 25 Under 25, #2: Brady Tkachuk

The birthday boy retains his spot at #2 on our list, as contract disputes continue between him and the team

Top 25 Under 25, #3: Tim Stützle

It goes beyond his point totals, the 3rd pick of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft had a special rookie season.

Top 25 Under 25, #4: Josh Norris

We’re all out of superlatives

Top 25 Under 25, #5: Drake Batherson

Drake Batherson [handshake meme] Top Five

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25, #6: Erik Brännström

This could be make or break for the young defender

Top 25 Under 25, #7: Jake Sanderson

Turns out, he *can* create offence. And a lot of it, at that.

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25, #8: Colin White

Wait, he’s still not even 25?!

Top 25 Under 25, #9: Shane Pinto

The team’s most exciting prospect from the 2019 draft has "reached" the upper echelon of our annual series

Ottawa Senators Top 25, Under 25, #10: Jacob Bernard-Docker

JBD moves up one spot

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25 #11: Alex Formenton

The Flash™ comes in at #11 in this year’s Top 25 Under 25

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25, #12: Filip Gustavsson

Goose climbs nearly back into the top 10 after a really good 2021 campaign

Top 25 Under 25, #13: Victor Mete

The former Habs defenseman makes his debut in our annual series.

Ottawa Senators Top 25 under 25, #14: Ridly Greig

The Sens’ peskiest prospect continues his ascent

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25 #15: Egor Sokolov

The 2020 second round pick comes into the Top 25 Under 25 at #15, leaping up seven spots from last year.

Top 25 Under 25, #16: Logan Brown

The polarizing centre sees a precipitous drop to number 16

Top 25 Under 25, #17: Mads Søgaard

The towering Danish goaltender makes his Top 25 Under 25 debut at #17.

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25, #18: Roby Järventie

The young Finn falls a few spots down this year’s rankings

Top 25 Under 25, #19: Lassi Thomson

The right shot defender drops one spot, coming in at #19.

Top 25 Under 25, #20: Angus Crookshank

Another player debuts in our annual series, and it’s about time, too.

Top 25 Under 25, #21: Tyler Boucher

The 10th overall pick in the draft makes his T25U25 debut at 21st

Top 25 Under 25, #22: Leevi Meriläinen

Ottawa’s 2020 3rd rounder comes in at 22nd overall after a wildly impressive draft+1 season

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25, #23: Vitaly Abramov

Vitaly Abramov appears at the earliest point in this countdown in his career as a Senator.

Top 25 Under 25, #24: Parker Kelly

After last appearing on the list in 2018, the undrafted forward returns following a strong 2020-21 campaign

Ottawa Senators Top 25 Under 25, #25: Maxence Guenette

The 2019 draft pick makes his debut on our list